In summer, remember to shear sheep

First, the purpose of shearing 1. Summer cooling: The sheep's body has long, thick coat, high summer temperatures, difficulty in heat dissipation, rapid breathing, reduced intake, impaired body temperature regulation, and affects sheep's digestion, circulation, and endocrine system, resul-----

New and old layer management

1. New chickens: New chickens are bred in the spring, and autumn and winter were opened in that year. Such young hens are depleted and their body condition is poor, and feeding and management should be strengthened. Feed more carbohydrate feed (such as corn, sorghum, dried melon, etc.) and protein -----

How does the summer corn be correct?

Tests have shown that if the summer corn can be properly and properly emasculated, the yield can be increased by about 10%, and the method is simple. You must master the following points when you go: 1, emasculation time. When the tassels of maize have just been outcropped, the emasculation is be-----

Cowpea quick-frozen processing technology

The quick-frozen kidney beans produced in China are mainly exported to Japan and have a very low market share in the domestic market. However, with the continuous changes in people's consumption concepts and values, quick-frozen kidney beans also have great market potential in China. The proces-----

Breastfeeding reduces breast cancer!

From August 1 to August 7 this year, she was the world breastfeeding week. Professor Cao Xuchen, a breast division of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, reminded new mothers and expectant mothers that breastfeeding can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer. The living standards and rhythm of the mod-----

Apple flower rot symptoms and prevention

Apple flower rot mainly damages leaves, flowers, young fruit and twigs, causing leaf rot, flower rot, fruit rot and branch rot. 1, leaf rot. It takes 2 to 3 days after the leaves to emerge, and red-brown spots on both sides of the leaf tip, leaf margin, or vein appear not to be plastic lesions, e-----