Four autumn beauty soup to help you prevent drying

In the autumn, people often experience yin and anger, such as dry mouth, dry and cracked lips, dry skin, and constipation. Some people may experience dry cough. In order to prevent Qiuzao, usually should not eat or eat less heat and injury products, such as fry fish, fried fish, fried chicken, fri-----

A cold winter health warm-up weight loss

How should we deal with the sudden drop in temperature? Teach you how to warm up, stabilize your metabolism, and maintain good physical condition. First make up after the tune, let you beautiful extra points! Become a beautiful winter landscape. One, blood four things soup! Make up the tender fac-----

"Check the dead" is still a spot check

On August 25, Zhu Hongren, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated at the annual meeting of the Dairy Industry Association that “the quality and safety level of dairy products still have a large gap compared with the expectations of the peopleâ-----

Holly planting techniques

1. Speaking of holly trees, many people know it, but talking about its other name is relatively unfamiliar: the holly tree is also known as the big leaf privet and the tall pole privet. The holly tree is hi wet, but if the excess water causes disease in the holly tree, the moisture of the holly tr-----