Misunderstanding in the use of chemical fertilizers

In recent years, due to the increase in people’s awareness of environmental protection, organic agriculture and green food have attracted people’s attention. Some people in the city have proposed rejecting fertilizers, fertilizers, melons, and fertilizers. Experts believe that this i-----

Corn mutant ear and double color ear

Symptoms The color of the grains on the ears of the maize showed a difference, showing a normal color and a purple color, and pale yellow and dark yellow. Causes One or more layers of cells under the skin of the corn kernel are called protein layers or aleurone layers. The aleurone layer of ordin-----

Corn empty stalk

Symptoms of corn usually have 1-2 panicles, usually one panicle, but in the production process, empty stalks often appear and affect the yield increase. For example, in Kuandian, Yangyan, Benxi, and Huairen in Liaoning Province, the empty stalk rate was 12%-20%, and the 667m2 output was reduced by-----