Tomatoes in the greenhouse are protected against "…

First, rational fertilization. Flowering faces are prone to occur under conditions of high nitrogen, insufficient phosphorus and potassium, and lack of boron. If the nutrition is excessive, the chlorophyll content increases, and the formation of lycopene is inhibited, and a large number of yellow -----

Artificial blood vessels can imitate pulsation

Release date: 2010-01-12 In 2010, British scientists will apply a man-made blood vessel to the human body for testing. According to reports, the London Royal Free Hospital in London used nanotechnology to develop a blood vessel for heart bypass made of polymeric materials. Artificial blood ves-----

Three-party combination treatment of "piglet edema…

Pig edema disease often occurs in the winter and spring. The disease is mainly caused by toxins produced by hemolytic E. coli and is characterized by edema and neurological symptoms. When the treatment is not timely or irrational, the mortality rate is extremely high. The practice of clinical trea-----

Feeding cattle technology in winter

1. Cut coarse material, wash water, and ammoniaify: In order to make the cattle digest and use coarse material, the entire coarse material should be cut to 8 to 10 cm, which reduces the energy consumption of cattle due to chewing coarse material. The high content of oxalate and silicon in coarse m-----

Livestock and Poultry Disease Control Techniques (2)

Part II Current Prevention of Common Diseases of Livestock and Poultry I. Prevention and Treatment of Common Swine Diseases (1) Swine fever is an acute, hot and highly contagious disease caused by swine fever virus. 1. Symptoms: Acute septicemia: The body temperature rises to 40.5-42°C, and the -----