Qiuhonghong cultivation techniques

Qiuhonghong is cultivated according to technical requirements, and field management is conducted scientifically to achieve high yields. Farmers' friends may wish to try this way. Select good selection of early-maturing, high-quality, high-yielding varieties such as “Sushu 7”, â-----

Underground solid crops should pay attention to the app…

Underground sturdy crops such as potatoes, peanuts, taro, sweet potatoes, yams, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, etc., all have potash-like properties, and the demand for potassium is greater. In cultivation, potassium fertilizers should be given more attention to high yields. According to analysis-----

Soybean yield increase measures

1. Saplings: Soybeans are planted on the basis of the whole seedlings, and when the two leaflets are unfolded, the seedlings are planted and the yield is generally increased by 10-20%. 2. Pressing seedlings: When the first compound leaves of some seedlings of soybeans are unfolded, they are selec-----

How to prevent mushroom water drop disease

Water droplet disease is caused by infection with rod-shaped bacteria. The symptoms are the colorless or yellow-gray droplets of different sizes on the mushroom body. Produces brown or yellow, sometimes greenish, small stains on the cap. The disease was first discovered in France. There are few in-----

Beef cattle fattening

Fine varieties are the key At present, the better varieties of beef cattle in China are the first to promote Ximental, Charolais, Limousin, South Devin and other improved hybrids. The improved second-generation and third-generation beef cattle have many advantages, such as strong adaptability, re-----

Uncovering the price confusion behind crazy pork

On July 9, the statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics in June showed that China’s CPI rose by 6.4% year-on-year to a 36-month high in June, with pork prices rising by 57.1% and contributing 21.4% to the increase in CPI. Last year, people were still fresh in their m-----