Bag color management

Mushroom bag color characteristics: must be color, temperature difference, wet, poor light. 1. Temperature regulation. Fully-infected bacteria bags can be used for color management. When the natural temperature is lower than 12°C, arrange according to the shape of wells, code height 6~8 l-----

Good technique for managing summer nectarines

First, control the shoot tip prosperous. (1) Strengthen the control of fertilizer and water. In particular, the control of nitrogen fertilizer, in the early growth period and fruit picking, do not cut too much nitrogen to prevent shoots prosperous; (2) To wipe off buds promptly. For useless secon-----

Autumn vegetable pest control method

1, soft rot prevention and control of soft rot disease, the first time to see the disease strains should be removed in a timely manner, apply appropriate amount of lime disinfection, and then use the following agents treatment, interval 7 to 10 days, continuous removal of governance 3 to 4 times. (-----

Cold drink summer woman weight loss taboo

Summer seems to be susceptible to appetite due to high heat. However, how does it seem that appetite is not good and weight has not decreased? There may even be an increasing trend? Hey! This is not hell, probably because of drinking cold drinks. High temperatures continued unabated, full of colo-----