Safety valve selection principle

1. Steam boiler safety valve, generally open open full spring safety valve; 2. Safety valve for liquid medium, generally use micro-open spring safety valve; 3. For safety valves for air or other gaseous media, generally use closed closed spring safety valves; 4. For-----

Development process of regulating valve

The development of regulating valves has been seven or eighty years since the beginning of the 20th century. Ten major types of regulating valve products, self-operated valves and positioners have been produced . The development process is as follows: 1920s: The origi-----

Discharge valve overview

Discharge valve performance and use: easy to operate, free to open, flexible and reliable movement; valve valve assembly and maintenance is simple, sealing structure is reasonable, sealing ring replacement is convenient and practical. Structure and principle: discharge-----

Ball valve overview

The ball valve is a valve that uses a ball with a circular passage as a starting and closing member, and the ball rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. The opening and closing member of the ball valve is a holed ball that rotates about -----

Globe valve overview

The shut-off valve, also called the cut-off valve, is a kind of valve that uses zui extensively. It is popular because of the small friction between the sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process, which is relatively durable, the opening height is not larg-----

Four kinds of lamb products processing method

Lamb Remove fat membranes and tendons from the mutton and cut them into strips. Each 100 kg of lamb ingredients: salt 5 kg, 1 kg of white sugar, white wine, 0.3 kg of pepper, five spices 100 grams. Mix the evenly-mixed ingredients evenly on the surface of the meat strips, marinate for 3-4 days in -----