Cultivation Techniques of Heertz Raspberry

Raspberry, also known as raspberry, is a perennial deciduous shrub-type fruit tree of Rubus L. It is also known as a tray, marin, or raspberry. Heltz was born in Durham in 1969 by Milton Cuthbert of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. In 2000, he was introduced into Shanxi from the-----

7 kinds of fruit in the autumn taboo

1, Apple: Juice can stop diarrhea, eat on an empty stomach can cure constipation, eating after meals can help digestion. However, apples are rich in sugars and potassium salts, excessive intake is not conducive to heart and kidney health, suffering from coronary heart disease, myocardial infarctio-----

Introduction to the principle of ultrasonic nozzle clea…

The ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine is a high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, which is converted into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and propagated to the medium-cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic waves are radiated forward and dense-----

Occurrence and control of leafy vegetable worms

The main locusts on leafy vegetables are peach aphid, radish sprouts, cabbage sprouts, and lettuce tubers. Among them, the most widespread occurrence of peach aphid, in addition to cruciferous vegetables, but also harm spinach, pepper, eggplant and so on. Radish is more harmful to the surface of l-----

"Yulu Pear" Variety Introduction

Characteristics: Yulu Pear has inherited the unique meat quality, delicious taste, no slag, red fruit, etc., which is unique to Korla Pear. It overcomes the small pear, large heart, low edible rate and fruit shape. The shortcoming is a high-quality, resistant, well-tolerated Korla fragrant pear-typ-----

Piglet feeding coup

When feeding piglets during the milking period, the weaning pigs often do not eat the weaning diarrhea caused by weaning and severe dropping. This is because the feeding of the piglet stage did not do the bit, the author summarized the following several feeding methods ,for reference. 1. Cobblesto-----

China's finished sugar, food and beverage manufactu…

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released data on the output and growth rate of major domestic industrial products from January to October in 2011. The data for the sugar industry, food manufacturing industry, and beverage manufacturing industry are as follows. Finished Sugar: -----