The advantages of the vibration dryer

In the drying equipment that has been used so far, each has certain advantages and disadvantages. In order to maintain the main advantages of the above drying equipment, we have developed a new type of vibration dryer. The workin

Winter melons have high benefits

Winter melon winter species, is an off-season cultivation, listed in early spring March, the price is generally much higher than the normal time of the melon market. 1. Nursery: In the early days of the lunar calendar, the seeds are soaked in warm water at 55°C for 5 minutes, continuously s

Octagonal Winter Fruit

In winter, low-temperature frost will cause a lot of fruit drop in the octagonal and reduce production. The following technical measures must be promptly taken to preserve the fruit, in order to reduce fruit drop, increase fruit set rate, and increase yield. One, Shi Yue winter fertilizer. Pho