The Prevention and Treatment of Corn Borer in Maize Seed Production

According to the habits and hazards of corn borer, it was found that the early occurrence of corn borer damage in early July, the occurrence of harm in the middle and late July. The stems, leaves and ears of the insect-infested plants (maternal) will seriously impede the transmission of water

Measures to increase the output of spring sown potatoes

Potato, also known as potato, potato, and yam egg, has the characteristics of high yield, early maturity, multiple uses, and wide distribution. With the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure, the potato planting area has gradually expanded. However, some of the farmers planted po

Green food sunflower planting technology

1. Variety Selection and Seed Treatment 1. Variety selection The varieties with high yield and strong disease resistance are mainly Gan Kwai No.2, Clam Clam, Black Lao Gill, Black Bay and so on. 2. Seed treatment (1) 10 days before sowing for germination test; (2) 4-5 days before sowing for ar

Peanut three defenses significantly increase production

1, anti-adult. For peanuts with high soil fertility, good fertility and water conditions, and vigorous plant growth, when growth is too prosperous, spraying hormones, or plant growth regulators, can inhibit vegetative growth, promote reproductive growth, and coordinate vegetative growth and re

Walnut planting techniques

First, the park selection site requires the use of leeward sunny hilly slopes, flat land or well-drained ditch. The soil is suitable for water retention, good ventilation, and loam and sandy loam with a pH of 7-7.5. Avoid planting walnuts on the soil where willows, poplars, and eucalyptus grow

Use seed fertilizer to get it right

Fertilizer refers to fertilizer that is applied near the seed or mixed with the seed when sowing or planting. Appropriate fertilization can meet the needs of crops for nutrients as soon as possible, and can also save labor for topdressing. On the contrary, it will harm seeds and cause losses.

Cucumber and Coprinus comatus intercropping can increase efficiency

Raw material formula (1) 60% wheat straw, 25% dry cow dung, 12% wheat bran, 3% corn flour. (2) Corncob 40%, bean straw 45%, wheat bran 12%, and cornmeal 3%. (3) Pleurotus ostreatus waste 40%, bean straw 45%, wheat bran 12%, and cornmeal 2%. For each of the above three formulas, 0.5 kg of speci

AA Green Food Rice Cultivation Technology

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign market development, Fengxin County in Jiangxi Province developed the AA-grade green food rice in 2001 and achieved success. The rice produced has passed the standard testing of the national AA Green Food Testing Center and achieved AA grade. G