Describe the role of filter head filter in water treatment

Filtration is an important part of the water treatment process. In the filter tank of the water supply project, when the filter water is running, the porosity of the filter material is continuously reduced with the increase of th

Autumn jasmine

The survival rate of jasmine in the autumn is higher, so many families will cut in some jasmine flowers in the fall. It should be noted that after inserting jasmine in the fall, it is not an emergency for transplanting in the same year. This is because jasmine chills and flowers, if the fall i

Peach Variety Rapid Update

The inlay bud grafting technique of the three main branches of peach is a method that the author has explored in the production practice for quick updating of peach varieties. Its advantage is that it was formed in the year of grafting, and the result of the leap year was very productive. The