Application of Transgenic Technology in Flower Industry

At present, the development of transgenic technology is very fast. There are widely used corn, soybeans, cotton, etc. The soybeans exported by Americans are genetically modified and genetically modified so that China’s agriculture greatly reduces the use of pesticides. Currently, the ou

Autumn potato planting technology

Qiu Qiuqiu potatoes, short production time, quick harvest, good efficiency, we must grasp the following technologies. First, set up fertilizer. Choose soil or sandy soil with sandy soil or sandy soil. First, farmyard manure, human feces or fermented cakes are used as base fertilizers, spread o

Main diseases and pests of Pleurotus ostreatus and their control

The most serious damage is the contamination of bacteria, common bacteria are Trichoderma, green mold, yellow mold, Rhizopus and so on. The prevention and control methods mainly include the selection of materials without mildew, the cultivation of materials for the composting fermentation and

There are three ways to prevent radish hollow

Pay attention to balance the water supply. The water content of the soil during the growth and development stage of radish should reach 60% to 80%, especially when the radish fleshy root enlargement period, when the soil water supply is insufficient or when drought occurs, the hollow phenomeno

Black fungus exposed bagging technology

1 cultivation season. The most suitable temperature for the black fungus fruit body is 20-26°C. Temperature is less than 15 °C ear difficult, the temperature is higher than 27 °C ear piece is thin, the color is also light; the temperature is high, the fruit body autolysis occurs, resu

Causes and Control Measures of Six Worms in Vegetables

With the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure and the continuous increase in the area of ​​vegetables, the diversity of cultivation methods such as open fields, greenhouses, and off-season vegetables has caused the annual occurrence of locusts, whiteflies, plagues,

Disease and Pest Control of Day Lily

The main diseases are rust, leaf spot, and leaf blight, all of which are fungal diseases. The main damage leaves, rust can also harm the flower stem and pedicel. Rust was sprayed with triadimefon, and leaf spot and leaf blight were treated with carbendazim or thiophanate spray. The main pests

Boer goats pollution-free culture

(a) Establish a pollution-free pasture. The ranch must be far away from contaminated industrial and mining enterprises, and there should be no infectious diseases on the site, and areas with environmental indices such as air, soil, and water sources all meet the standard. The farm (household)

Control strategies of multiple system failure syndrome after weaning pigs

The post-weaning multisystem failure syndrome (pmws) is a new viral disease caused by porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv2) infection. In recent years, the pig-breeding industry has created a considerable economy. The loss has become one of the major diseases that endanger pig production. In additi

Cows have a breeding skill for multiple births

Strengthening cow breeding management requires standardization of breeding management, supporting technologies to be in place, mastering the law of cow estrus, and improving artificial insemination techniques. First, measure the index of fertility. (1) Annual fertility rate: 90% or more; (2) E

Can microbial fertilizer replace fertilizer?

In recent years, the application of microbial fertilizers in agriculture has seen rapid development across the country. Various types of microbial fertilizers, propaganda, etc. have appeared in newspapers and entered farmers' farms, making farmers feel unwilling to choose even Confused: Is