Seedling production of Begonia four seasons

After the horticulture experts, especially the experts of the developed countries, the constant efforts. There has been a complete set of technology for the production of seedlings for the four seasons Begonia, but in practice, it is often difficult to truly grasp the production techniques of

Knapsack type mobile misting powder operation points

Knapsack type mobile mist sprayer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose plant protection machine that can perform operations such as misting, dusting, scattering, spraying, fire-breathing, and ultra-low volume spraying. Adapt to the prevention and control of pests and diseases of agricultural an

How to identify three similar diseases on vegetables

Virus disease, tea-thawing glycosides, and hormonal phytotoxicity on vegetables have recently occurred frequently in Tianjin. Due to the similarities in the three diseases, the timing of prevention and treatment is often missed due to incorrect identification and medication. Specific identific

Cultivation Techniques of Yangqing Rice in Suixi County, Guangdong Province

Yangqing Town, Suixi County, Guangdong Province is the main producing area for high-quality rice, with a high-quality rice planting area of ​​over 35,000 mu and an annual output of over 11,000 tons. The high-quality rice produced has the characteristics of white grains of rice, h

Pigeon fast fattening technology

Some meat pigeon farmers in rural areas tend to pay less attention to fattening the pigeons. The poor quality of the commercial pigeons, the low selling price and the lack of market competitiveness also affect the income of the pigeons. In response to this situation, the following describes a

Breeding and Feeding of Boars

1. Evaluate the pig's diet. When formulating a boar's diet, it is important to consider its special needs for the protein. Because the species of boar can reach 200-400 ml in one ejaculation, the excellent individuals can reach 800-900 ml. More than any other family rich. Protein is th

Turbot breeding technology

Turbo Ling comes from the United Kingdom, France and other European countries in the northern Atlantic Ocean and is a benthic fish. China introduced turbot in artificial breeding in 1992 and has now developed to a certain scale in Shandong and other places. Turbot meat is tender and has high n