Fish medicine "Ten View"

Fish disease is the enemy of fish farming. The scientific use of drugs can not only effectively prevent and treat fish diseases, but also many drugs can regulate fish metabolism, promote growth, improve digestion and absorption, coordinate internal mechanisms, and increase bait and fertilizer

Global biotech crops grow by 20%

According to the latest report released by ISAAA (Agricultural Biotechnology Applications International Service Organization) on the growth of the number of biotech crops in 2004 that was 20% higher than in 2003, Sean Darragh, Executive Director of Food and Agriculture, BIO (Biotechnology Indu

Citrus how to control the small spring?

l. Apply germination fertilizer in time. In view of the current problems of increasing citrus age, declining tree vigor, and insufficient tree nutrient levels, this year should focus on the application of spring priming fertilizer. Fertilization time: from late February to early March. The amo

Breeding and raising technology of freshwater shrimp

Freshwater shrimp, also known as Japanese giant shrimp. The meat is tender and nutritious and is loved by consumers. Through several years of research and experiments, the author carried out the breeding of shrimp seedlings in Lujiang County in 1999 and provided 15 million shrimp seedlings for

Before the operation of greenhouse farming machine must pay attention

1. Adding fuel must be done after the engine is cooled. During the adding process, smoking and open flame are strictly prohibited. Otherwise, it may cause fire. 2. When starting the engine indoors in the winter, pay attention to indoor exhaust ventilation to avoid air pollution. The occurrence

Gosling cage technology

The homemade goose cages are made of bamboo and wood. Each cage is 3 meters long, 1-1.2 meters wide and 35 centimeters high. The bottom plate is made of wire mesh or bamboo pieces, and the mesh is 3 cm square. The upper floor of the double-straight goose cage is 1.2 meters above the ground and

Integrated prevention and control technology of Liriomyza sativae Blanchard

Liriomyza sativae is native to Brazil and belongs to the order Diptera, Laminidae, Liriomyza, and Liriomyza. Since the late 1940s, it has become popular in Florida, Hawaii and other places. It is the enemy of vegetable production in the Americas. It was introduced to China in 1993 and is now d

Oxygenation and Oxygenation Technology under Ice in Winter Pool

The various physical and chemical conditions in the overwintering environment of fish, the most important factor is the dissolved oxygen content in the water, which is an important condition for ensuring the safe wintering of fish. The abundant dissolved oxygen in the water can promote the ben

Daily maintenance of diesel engine

Diesel engine as a power source of tractors, its performance is good or bad, directly affect the economic performance and power performance of the tractor. Maintenance points: 1. Check the tightening conditions of the diesel engine frame screws and each part of the connection. When the diesel

Occurrence and Control of Maize Rust in South Anhui Province

In recent years, with the promotion and application of new maize varieties, corn rust is a common disease on corn. The occurrence of a wide range, all have different degrees of damage, so that corn plants dry, the grain is not full, resulting in reduced production. The lighter ones cut product

Winter feeding, transport, and disease prevention

The arrests and transportation techniques are generally used around the Spring Festival or in March-April. Before the bandits start to catch, they must remove the debris and mud from the water. Slowly lift the mud with wooden picks to avoid damaging the carcass. When the dirt is removed almost

Use and screening of pesticides for production of pollution-free fruits

Orchards are unscientific in the use of pesticides in the control of pests and diseases, such as excessive use of drugs, the use of high-toxicity, high-residue pesticides and other phenomena are common, resulting in greatly reduced tree stress resistance and severe phytotoxicity. A large numbe