Sichuan successfully developed nano biological pesticides

Recently, a kind of nano-bio-pesticides that were prepared through nano-chemical treatment of nicotine and had no toxic or side effects on humans and animals appeared on the site of research and development of Sichuan nano-bio-pesticides. The pesticidal effect of this pesticide is 3 times that

Damage and Control of Drosophila melanogaster

Drosophila is the main pest of red bayberry, and female oviposititis lays eggs on the mature red bayberry fruit milk column, and the hatched larvae feed on the food. Damaged fruits are uneven, fruit juice spills and fruit drops, yields decline, quality deteriorates, and affects sales, storage,

Control of lawn pests

The control of turfgrass lice is widespread in nature, and crickets are also becoming more and more harmful to lawns. Mink body is small, round or oval, often red, sucking mouthparts. It takes 10 to 20 generations a year. In the middle and late October, the adult females clustered in the dead

Garlic seedling preservation method

Refrigeration method will be fully pre-cooled garlic into the basket or crates, or directly stacked on the storage shelf, the temperature control to 1 °C or so. Modified Atmosphere Method 1 Rapid Oxygen Reduction Method: After the garlic sprouts are piled up and sealed with a plastic accoun

Common diseases of bamboo plants

Bamboo witches' foot disease mainly harms bamboo, bamboo belly bud, light bamboo, water bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo and so on. The newly-affected bamboo branchlets are elongated and striated. The internodes are short, so continue to branch into two years later to form a bird'

Discrimination of colorful gods

In the colorful reproduction, this is a difficult part. Indeed, even mothers and mothers can't tell if they can't distinguish! Unlike the other species of fish, swatches can easily distinguish genders. For instance, the male fish of the African Cigong are more beautiful, and it is not

Reasons and countermeasures of mutual licking in laying hens

First, the reasons 1, too high breeding density Rearing density is too large, sinks, feed troughs, chickens compete for water, so that some chickens lack of nutrients in the body, prone to spasm. 2. The chicken has a poor uniformity of 0-20 weeks old. The chickens are in a period of growth and

Non-pollution anti-season bean cultivation technology

In recent years, due to the seasonal differences, suitable areas for cultivation, and shortage of commodities, the anti-season beans have been favored by consumers because of their rich nutrition and good health. Market demand has continued to grow, and economic benefits have been clearly supe