Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests of winter jujube

Jujube rust and jujube anthracnose are the major diseases that affect the yield and quality of jujube fruit. If it is not controlled in time, it will cause harm to the production of winter jujube and jujube, or even produce. Juvenile Mythimna separata, the main damage of jujube leaves and juju

Correct use of colored agricultural film

In the past two years, with the rapid development of high-yield, high-efficiency, and high-quality agriculture in China, especially the rapid expansion of vegetable greenhouses, various colored agricultural films have been widely used in agricultural production. The use of non-ferrous agricult

The emergence of vegetable seedlings

The emergence of vegetable seedlings is not successful. Do you want to do Dr. Agricultural: Hello, my family contracted 10 mu of vegetables in greenhouses. Last year, when the seedlings were raised, there was a phenomenon of uneven growth. Is this something different? Is there any countermeasu

Loach net enclosure high-yield and high-efficiency breeding technology

Mudworm, also known as grain cockroach, blood cockroach, and cockroaches, is a genus of the genus Falconidae, Acarina, and Polygonaceae. It is a kind of marine shellfish with high economic value in China's coast. After several years of research, we have concluded a set of practical, high-y

Cows are not fed night grass is not fat

With the popularization of science and technology, most cattle-raising households have adopted a scientific method of raising cattle, and they have been able to feed ammoniated wheat straw, corn silage, feed, and urea. However, in the usual feeding process of cattle (meat cattle, grazing cattl

Mazhu bamboo shoot processing technology

1. Process for processing boiled bamboo shoots: bamboo shoots, washing, boiling, fixing, grading, cooling and rinsing, sorting and loading, filling water, exhausting, sealing, sterilizing, cooling, canned bamboo shoots, raw bamboo shoots Immediately boiled and kept green, generally the big bam

Large and medium-sized water body enclosure fish culture technology

Net-wide fish farming is a good method of using nets to breed large-scale fish species or cultured commercial fish in suitable waters for large and medium-sized rivers and lakes. Now we will introduce the technology of net-wide fish farming as follows: 1. Seine network construction 1. The posi

Malformed eggplant formation

In the recent eggplant production, there are often malformed fruits. The common ones are lycopodium, gemini eggplant, lyophylline, and matt fruit, which seriously affect the commercial value of aubergine. The causes of these hazards are summarized as follows for reference by farmers: Stone egg

Australian shell fish pond breeding tips

According to the life characteristics of Australian shellfish, the range of activities is small, they do not love to swim everywhere, and they like to inhabit in a snuggle-proof environment. We conducted a pond culture of Australian shell fish in a variety of ways in pond culture. The results

Saline-alkali cotton cultivation techniques

First, choose the appropriate variety of saline-alkali land due to high groundwater level, soil viscosity, low organic matter content, soil barren, should choose salt-resistant, resistant varieties such as: GK ~ 12. Second, pre-planting soil treatment Autumn cultivation of cotton land, after s

Install clutch with used intake valve duct

The clutch on the walking tractor and the three-wheeled agricultural vehicle is generally a two-piece, often-friction type, which is easy to disassemble and inconvenient to install. Now we introduce a small experience of installing clutches using three old intake valve ducts of type 485 diesel