How to raise a good rural chicken

1. The structure of the chicken house can be transformed into an old house, and a chicken house can also be built. The chicken house is equipped with an elastic plastic net or bamboo net with a mesh diameter of 1 cm and a net of about 100 cm from the ground. If the old house is renovated, ligh

High efficiency bamboo cultivation technology

The bamboo bamboo is a giant bamboo bamboo for bamboo and bamboo. It is mainly produced in subtropical areas and has a long history of cultivation. It is one of the important economic bamboo species in the Yangtze River basin and its south. Ma bamboo also known as large-leaved black bamboo, si

How to make the sheep more "birth"

Modern mutton sheep pursue high quality characteristics such as precocity, multiple fertility, rapid growth and development, and good meat quality. Through research on breeding, hormones, nutrition, etc., the methods to improve fertility are as follows: Strengthen breeding and selection. 1. Se

Goose eggs natural hatching technique

First, the choice of brooding mother geese The mother geese used for brooding have strong nesting ability. It is best to use geese that have been used for 1 year or more to have nesting habits. If you use a new mother goose without hatching habits, you can set dummy eggs to let them hatch. Whe

Breeding a good helper - hatching machine (9TDDJ-5)

AC and DC coal and electricity dual-use incubator is a patented product developed by our company. The machine is controlled by a computer. The screen displays the working status inside the machine. The temperature control, humidity control, turning eggs and ventilation

Tilapia Culture Technology--Features

Tilapia, also known as citron, is a tropical fish produced in Africa. It looks like salmon, so the masses call it African trout. It has strong adaptability, can live in fresh water, but also can live in seawater with salinity of up to 35%; easy to breed; stronger in oxygen tolerance than carp;

Storage technology for small package seeds

1. Control moisture seeds must be dried before they are packaged and moisture is reduced below safe moisture. Rice and maize varieties should be controlled below 13%, while seeds with higher oil content, such as oilseed rape, peanuts, sesame seeds, cotton, etc., must be reduced to 8% to 10%. T

Vegetables prevent cold

Cold spring has various degrees of chilling injury to spring vegetable seedlings, fruit and vegetable production in protected areas, and early-ripening vegetable production in open fields, resulting in various losses such as rot, dead seedlings, falling and fruiting, and early convulsions. The

Aphid breeding and breeding techniques

The Amur sturgeon, also known as the Heilongjiang apes and seven floaters, is a large-scale economic fish in the Heilongjiang River Basin. Ashes are divided into brown and gray two types. The brown species grows slower than the gray species and mainly grows in the middle and lower reaches of H

The Cause and Prevention of Apple Bitter Bean Disease

The main cause of apple bitter bean disease is the lack of calcium in the soil and the lack of tree body absorption. The improper application time of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer and the excessive use of apple fertilizer affect the absorption of calcium in the soil. Th

Several different modes of integrated fish farming technology

Several different models of integrated fish farming technology The integrated culture of fish can recycle wastes, make full use of local resources, and maintain ecological balance. It is a mode of water conservation, land saving, energy conservation, grain saving, and low consumption and high

New Rice Variety--Longjing 2

Breeder Xin Aihua Breeding Unit Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Research Institute of Rice Certification Blacklisting Rice 2003007 Variety Origin Heliang 682/BL7// Longxi No. 1 Characteristics 12 leaves of main stem, plant height 85-90cm, plant type convergence , The flag leaves