Agricultural vehicles are heavy

1. Common causes of heavy steering: (1) The upper and lower bearings of the steering gear are over-tightened or the shaft is damaged; the worm and the roller (tooth fan) are engaged too tightly. (2) The knuckle kingpin and the knuckle thrust bearing have poor lubrication or rust; the knuckle k

Failure example - exhaust pipe white smoke

When a ZT323 wheeled tractor was started in the morning, the engine was on fire. After working for a while, the exhaust pipe appeared white smoke. The test was started 2 hours after the field echoed from the field. The engine was on fire and the smoke was thick and black and white. After a few

Spring seeds need to check carefully

Checking the seeds is an important task before spring sowing. Because the quality of the seed has a great relationship with the seedling rate and seedling strength. In order to ensure the seedlings and seedlings of spring planting crops, it is necessary to select seeds that are full, orderly,

The main points of freshwater aquaculture technology

Calyx, also known as Sabina, is a major species of marine aquaculture. Through artificial domestication, it grows quickly in freshwater, has fewer diseases, and has high yields. Its meat quality is superior to that of California alfalfa. Now introduce the technical aspects of the cultivation o

Oil injector stuck cause and repair method

Comrades who have used diesel engines generally know that the fuel injectors are one of the three pairs of precision couplings for diesel fuel supply systems. Its normal service life is more than 1000 hours. However, due to improper use, it often takes hundreds of hours, or even tens of hours,

Ways to prevent lake crabs from fleeing

Large-scale lake breeding crabs can not set up anti-escape facilities. The escape of crabs causes great economic losses. There are certain reasons for the escape of crabs. If they can be properly mastered and take appropriate measures, they can greatly reduce losses. First, timely fishing, ant

Cylinder, cold storage storage

1. Cylinder storage method. First wash the cylinder with clean water, and then use 0.5%-1% bleach to wash and disinfect. After drying, spread a layer of sterile sand on the bottom of the cylinder. Then pour the selected hawthorn into the cylinder and piling it into the cylinder. When face-to-f

Prevent Snapping Turtles from Killing Each Other

Snapping turtles are known for their high reproduction rate, fast growth, high meat production, and delicious meat. Currently, they have been favored by many farmers and have been promoted in many areas. The economic benefits are considerable. However, artificial high-density feeding condition

Spring cabbage has anti-convulsions

Cabbage is a country's native vegetable, its quality is soft, nutrient-rich, good food flavor, edible methods, long-term consumption of anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, is a popular health-care vegetables. Chinese cabbage is the largest cultivated vegetable in China, and its main cultivati

Several kinds of vegetable grafting technology

l Cucumber (1) Production point interpolation method: Use black-skinned pumpkin as the rootstock, select the local varieties with strong affinity, good quality, and disease resistance to scion. The anvil and ear seeds must be disinfected and germinated before sowing. When winter and spring pod

Rape root rot

First, the main symptoms of rapeseed strains are initially close to the ground stems and leaves appear dark depression spots. When the humidity is high, light brown spider filamentous mycelium grows on the lesions, and the diseased leaves wilted yellow and fall off easily. The roots and stems

Juvenile disease identification and prevention

Jujube disease, commonly known as “public jujube tree”, is a devastating disease of jujube trees. In severe cases, it can cause a large number of jujube deaths or even destroy the garden. First, the symptoms identified (1) The initial symptoms appeared after flowering, the performa