Peach tree post pruning Mo relax

Peach itself has the characteristics of strong growth, strong branching, excessive growth of branches and many branches. Most fruit growers do not pay attention to pruning after harvesting (especially for early and mid-maturing varieties), and they do not pay attention to postharvest pruning (

High temperature weather South America White shrimp guarding flood pond

At present, it is at a high temperature. Due to the rapid growth of Penaeus vannamei, the density of shrimp cultured in the pond increases, which can easily lead to deterioration of water quality, and the shrimps die of hypoxia. In order to ensure the healthy growth of white shrimp in South Am

ZD rotary grading screen

ZD Rotary Grading Screen Model Parameters Rotary Screen Diameter Tilt Rotation Speed ​​Production Capacity Motor Power (mm) () (r/min) (t/n) (KW) ZD-1.24 φ1200 3 13.5 3 4 ZD-1.55 φ1500 3 13.5 6 5.5 ZD-1.66 φ1600 3 12.5 8 7.5 ZD-1.87 φ1800 3 12 12 11 ZD-27 φ200

Foreign fish farming six new tricks

Foreign fish farming Six new tricks Music fish farming Many Japanese fish farms allow fish to listen to music to promote the growth of fish. After the hatching of the eggs, each time a juvenile feed is fed, a kind of music is played so that the juveniles develop the habit of eating meat and ea

Lily cut flower cultivation techniques

(1) Soil preparation sites with loose, fertile, well-drained soil are selected. During the site preparation process, fully decomposed organic fertilizer was applied to each side of 5 mu and deep tillage was 30 to 35 cm. Then according to the width of 110 ~ 120cm, aisle 50cm specifications for

Soy Isoflavones Discovered New Health Function

U.S. researchers conducted tests on newborn piglets that soy isoflavones can inhibit the growth of cells in the infant's intestines. Their findings have important implications for soy products manufacturers, which account for approximately 25% of the total neonatal consumer products in the

Planting medicinal herbs must grasp the "five" barrier

To grow Chinese herbal medicines, you must do the following work. Otherwise, you will not only make money but also lose money. First, carefully understand the market. The methods include consulting experts or consulting technical units engaged in the promotion and promotion of Chinese herbal m

Small watermelon cultivation techniques in summer and autumn

Summer and autumn for watermelon, especially small watermelon, excellent quality, high price, good efficiency, broad market prospects. The relevant practical experience is summarized below. Variety selection Summer and autumn watermelon varieties must be able to withstand high temperatures and

Controlling black fungus green mold

Symptoms of bacterial bags, strains, bottles, wood around the inoculation hole and fruiting bodies infected by green mold, the initial culture of wood or fruiting bodies on the slender white hyphae, a few days later, you can form conidia, Once the conidia are largely formed or mature, the colo

Loofah cultivation method

Loofah is not tolerant to heat, and the optimum temperature for seed germination is 25-35°C. The optimal temperature for seedling growth is 25-30°C higher than that of other melons. Loofahs have higher requirements on temperature. Early-maturing loofahs are generally grown on electric-he

Walnut processing technology after harvesting

When the walnut peel's green skin turns from green to yellow, some of the peels are cracked at the top, easily peeled off, the seed is full, the young embryos are mature, and the cotyledons are hardened, it is the best harvest time for walnuts. At this time, the flavor of the nuts is stron