Preventing sheep from falling after snow disaster

First, when the weather is fine and the weather is sunny, go to grassland or slopes and trees for grazing, and let the sheep choose to eat some excellent grasses and leaves, especially eucalyptus leaves. It contains more lysine and is very beneficial to the health of the sheep.


How to carry out daily maintenance of the fermentation bed

How to carry out routine maintenance of the fermentation bed In the process of using the fermentation bed to raise pigs, the daily management and maintenance are also very important. Here is what we must pay special attention to:
1. Adjust the water content of

Ewe word for breeding

Breeding the ewes is the basis for the normal development of the flock. Good or bad feeding is an important factor that determines whether the flock can develop and whether the quality can be improved and improved. The breeding ewes need not only have good growth and development, but also

Mechanism of action of microbial sweeteners

Mechanism of Action of Microbial Sweeteners The insufficient sweetness of fruits and vegetables such as jujube, melon, and tomatoes is a common problem that plagues growers. Now this problem can be solved. And do not add any hormones, do not change the quality of melon

Cucumbers and tomatoes cannot be grown together with sheds

During the growth and development of crops, it will secrete certain secretions and emit odors, while the secretions and odors of cucumbers and tomatoes inhibit each other's growth and development. If the two plants grow in the same plot, they grow. The situation will be suppressed. In

Nursing newborn lambs

Strictly controlling the birth of lambs should be done routinely. For newly-born lambs, they should immediately hold the lamb's mouth, wipe the mouth, nose, and amniotic fluid inside the eye, and move the lamb to the ewes' sight so that the ewes can lick the lambs and promote the s

Problems with fertilization in vegetable fields

1. Application of Ammonium Nitrate Green leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Chinese chive, celery, and spinach have a short growing period and are easily absorbed by nitric acid nitrogen fertilizer, leading to excessive nitrate content in vegetables. Green leafy veg

Deer tail processing

The deer's tail is composed of caudal vertebrae, cavity, muscle fibers, adipose tissue, tail gland, connective tissue capsule and skin. Because of the different types of deer, its shape and size are also different. The red deer tail body is hypertrophic, short and wide, and the tip of

Spring feeding management

After the beginning of spring, as the temperature rises, the hibernating cricket slowly wakes up. When the temperature rises to 15°C, there is a small amount of maggot activity. At this time, some warm water (with milk powder and glucose) with nutrients can be sprayed to make it drinkable.

Watermelon fire mushroom breeding four steps

Watermelon fire mushroom nursery has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, uniform temperature, low cost and easy operation. It can cultivate robust watermelon seedlings in the low temperature of 1-2 months, and its seedling raising effect is similar to the electric hotbed nursery

Why does the car use Rose Dew?

Why does the car use roses in a small space in the car? If the waiting time is too long, together with the smell of gasoline, the smell of oil, and other smells are bad for the human body, many people use perfume, but Perfume is too strong and pungent. It is also detri