Cultivation techniques of open field tomatoes in spring

The cultivation of open-air tomato cultivation is mainly based on open field cultivation in spring. The cultivation period is from the end of the spring to the early summer heat and the rainy season. In order to ensure safe production and high production, the protection facilities should b

Clear water out of hibiscus - Golden treasure rose dew

Qingshui Hibiscus - Golden Baby Rose Gold Baby Rose Original, is the use of the world's most expensive international gourmet-style Bulgarian Damascus Rose 1 species of flowers flowers as raw materials refined products, superior quality. The Damascus Rose is a wo

Sludge fermentation process

Sludge fermentation A lot of sludge exists in our company, especially after rainy days, it is even more vexing, and it brings certain difficulties to workers. Is there any more economical, economical and quicker treatment? In the current treatment of sludge, there a

Bream fermented feed duck

Lishui Fermented Feeds Duck Dumplings (Southern Liquor) refers to leftovers from hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, etc. Because of its low cost and rich nutrition, it is a good feed for ducks. The complete treatment with the golden baby starter can eliminate

Yellow skin anthrax symptoms and prevention

Huangpi anthracnose is a common disease that occurs commonly. Some orchards occur more severely and cause greater economic losses.

First, the symptoms

Yellow peony can be infected with anthrax during each growth period, resulting in leaf spots, leaf rot, branches and fruit

Drowning to feed pigs

Boiled water has a wide range of sources and low cost. It is commonly used to feed pigs, but the biggest drawbacks of drowning (dumping) pigs are as follows: Firstly, the collected drowning water is sterilized and sterilized at a high temperature, in addition to spe

Occurrence and Control of Common Diseases and Pests of Sweet Osmanthus

1. Leaf spot. The main harm to the leaves, the first is a small brown spots, lesions were round or irregular shape, the late central gray to gray white, red-brown edges, black gray mold on the lesions. High temperature and high humidity are often the cause of morbidity. They are transmitte

Melon processing products production points

(1) winter melon soup.
1 Process flow: raw material selection → peeling → cutting → hardening → sugar impregnation → sugar cook → drying → sugar coating → finished product.
2 production points:
Raw material selection: Gener

Herring pond pollution-free breeding techniques

The herring, also known as barley, snail, black clam, and green clam, is one of China's four major fishes, belonging to the subfamily Kookaburra. The body has a cylindrical shape, the side of the tail is flat, and the abdomen is round; the upper part of the body and the body side are b

Matcha and powdered tea making process

At present, "matcha" and "powder tea" are popular in the market, both of which are powdery and very similar in appearance. However, the processing of raw materials and processing methods are very different. Therefore, these two names cannot be confused and there are com

Winter and spring pigs attention moisture dehumidification

The “low temperature and high humidity” in winter and spring pighouses is a taboo for raising pigs and is an important obstacle to pig production in winter and spring. Therefore, in the cold and humid season, feeding and management should be strengthened, and effective measures