Celery cilantro harvest high yield

The harvest of autumn leaves and celery cultivated in plastic greenhouses or solar greenhouses is 40% higher than that of autumn celery and wintering celery grown using conventional harvesting methods. This greatly improves the economics of the cultivation of protected areas. benefit.

Which pesticides are banned by vegetables?

The pesticides that can be used in vegetable production are:

Insecticides: Bt series, avermectin series, pyrethrins, plant extracts, insect hormones (mimantan, kasik, terpapron), a few organic phosphorus pesticides (dimethoate, trichlorfon, symplectic) Phosphorus, Leben, farmland), as well

How to prevent cows from moving uneasy

Uncertainty in cow fetus refers to a disease in which pregnant females have abdominal pain due to obvious fetal movements before the due date, usually manifested as depression, loss of appetite, restlessness, howling, yelling, vaginal discharge of turbid fluid or bloody water. The sick cow

Several Key Periods of Application of Pesticides to Fruit Trees

In order to improve the yield and quality of fruits, reduce the number of spraying of pesticides, and increase the years of tree growth, the following key periods are mainly grasped in the prevention of pests and diseases.

1, buds significantly enlarged period, that is, light rod medi

Red Dragonflies and Potato Management after Heavy Rain in Chongqing

In recent days, heavy winds, hailstorms, heavy rain, and floods have occurred in parts of Chongqing, causing heavy losses to the harvest of the Xiaochun crops and the growth of the big spring crops. According to meteorological forecast, hail and heavy rain may still occur in the city. In order

Early spring watering can be used warm water

It is important to master the water temperature in early spring. According to the information, early spring watering with warm water can make the flower roots strong and leafy, and can promote all kinds of flowers and trees to bud and bloom ahead of time. This is because the average temperatur

Egg hatching conditions and methods

Temperature is the most important factor in the development of goose embryos. During the incubation process, embryo development is very sensitive to changes in temperature, and the appropriate incubation temperature is the guarantee for the normal growth and development of goose embryos. Corre

Biogas fermentation aid

Biogas fermentation auxiliaries Biogas During the fermentation process, if it is not properly managed, it will produce various problems, such as slow gas production efficiency, insufficient gas production, or crusting, so the use of biogas fermentation auxiliaries such as G Improve gas product

Four advantages of greenhouse warmers

The four advantages of greenhouse warming agents greenhouse warmers is a magic weapon for growing vegetables in greenhouses, taking greenhouse warmers as an example to introduce its advantages:
1) Improve the comprehensive benefits of agriculture and significantly increase farmers'

Causes of less gas production in winter biogas digesters

The reasons for less gas production in winter biogas digesters The biogas production in winter is generally low, especially in the north. The reason is as follows:
1. Start a new pool in winter. If it is difficult to ferment in winter, if it is forced to start a n