Pigeon fast fattening key measures

Some meat pigeon farmers in rural areas often do not pay much attention to fattening the pigeons, resulting in poor quality, low selling prices, and lack of market competitiveness of the pigeons, which affects the income of the pigeons. In response to this situation, the following describes a


There is a selective, fast-acting alternative to benzene carbamate insecticides. It is moderately toxic to higher animals, lower in fish poisoning and toxic to bees. With contact and fumigation, but also a certain systemic effect. Knockout strength, short duration, usually only 3 to 4 days. Sp

Fungus inoculation technology

1. Disinfect the ear and ear canals (disinfectant or fire can be used to disinfect the tools used with alcohol or boiling water, wash manually with soapy water. Choose a cool place, do not let the sun shine directly on the bacteria, avoid rainy days get on.

2. Inoculation time, gen

Maogu Orange

Variety identification number: é—½ Recognition fruit 2009001

Crop species: citrus

Variety Name: Murcott

Breeding Unit: Miami Institute of Agriculture, Florida, USA

Units introduced: Institute of Agricultural Engineering Technology, Fujian Academy of Agri

How to prevent and cure medicinal plant pests and stick insects

The stick insect Gongylopus adyposus Brunner belongs to the family of stick insects, distributed in Hubei, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces, and can harm bamboo, cotton and other plants.

Damage characteristics, nymphs eat leaves; nymphs eat leaf veins or petioles.

The mo

Magnesium deficiency in peach and its fertilization measures

1. The main symptoms: Peach lacks magnesium, the old leaf disease, young leaves do not generally occur. Most of the symptoms began to appear in the fruit enlargement period, but rarely in the early stages of growth. At the beginning of the disease, pale green water spots appear between the

Stropharia species introduction

Stropharia, also known as burgundy mushroom. Stropharia globulus is an edible mushroom cultivated in many European and American countries and is one of the cultivated edible fungi recommended by the FAO to the developing countries. In China, the cultivation of Stropharia spp. was relatively la

Dangshan Pear History Record

The cultivation history of Dangshan Pear has been more than 2,500 years. The well documented record is the “Tongshan County Chronicle” of 1733 (the 11th year of Qing Emperor Yongzheng). It is stated that “Huangli Pomegranate, Dangshan Pear, and Yi’an Persimmons are


Medicinal character This product is 30 to 70 cm in total length or over, the stem is cylindrical, the upper branch, light green or yellow-green, smooth and hairless, obvious section, slightly enlarged, light and brittle, easy to break, hollow section The leaves are mostly shrunken. After t

Abalone breeding technology

Variety Name: Wrinkle Pancho commonly known as: cassia species: Haliotis (Hatiotis disws hannai Ino)

I. Overview of abalone
1. Biological Characteristics Abalone is widely distributed, and Haliotis discus hannai is mainly produced in the Yellow Sea an