Pre-winter Management Techniques for Wheat

1. Seedling replanting seedlings, seedling transplanting wheat seedlings after seedling emergence, seedlings should be timely reseeding. For wheat fields lacking seedlings and ridges, it is necessary to replant in time. Also in the 3 to 4 leaf stage, the defoliation and defoliation of defo

How to Fertilize on Sand Land

Sandy sand has high sand content, good permeability, rapid soil temperature change, low nutrient content, and poor fertilizer retention. Therefore, when applying fertilizers, it is necessary to have a reasonable method of fertilization so as to prevent premature aging of the crop due to la

How to identify the age and live weight of cattle

The production performance of cattle such as body weight, growth rate, and carcass quality is directly related to age. Cows of different ages have different methods of fattening, so when choosing cattle, we must pay attention to the age of cattle. The most accurate method for judging the age o

How weak wheat seedlings prevent freezing

The weak seedlings of topdressing wheat have fewer leaves and less secondary roots due to overwintering and are prone to frost damage. It is necessary to combine the roots of cultivator loose soil with roots from the end of December to the beginning of January of the next year, topdressing

Herbage Tall Fescue Cultivation Technology

Tall fescue is also known as Festuca arundinacea and Frog-like Frog, which is a grass perennial herb. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, medium quality and high grass yield. The warm temperate zone in the north of China and the subtropical zone in the south have been cultiv

Winter green fertilizer production six attention

Fertilizers have had a large negative effect on agricultural production since they began to be used in large quantities in the mid to late 1980s. In particular, the impact of cultivated land quality is prominent, first of all in the decline of soil aggregate structure, increase in block st

Excess nutrition in vegetables can not be ignored

Vegetable nutrient excess is a prominent problem in the current vegetable production: In order to pursue yield, many vegetable farmers blindly increase the input of fertilizer, which not only causes waste, but also causes vegetable nutrient excess.

What is vegetable excess nutritio

Oat Spirit

Selective carbamate herbicides after absorbing seedlings within the performance. Also known as Barr. Low toxicity. After human exposure, liver function tests increase alanine aminotransferase, platelet reduction, and may produce atopic dermatitis in a minority of people. Use liquids that shoul


The performance of the absorption-conducting soil treatment is dominated by selective urea herbicides. Low toxicity. Herbicides are used as low-dose herbicides at high doses.

Applications for cotton, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, rice, tea plantations, orchards, vineyards and non-cultiva

Fish farming materials 6 method

1, species of blue fish using grass, green feed to raise herbivorous fish. It can be planted in the grasshopper or feed field using Sudan grass and ryegrass rotation method. Generally, Sudan grass is 667 square meters (mu) and 11000-12500 kg, and rye grass is 667 square meters, producing 7