The main points of astragalus breeding techniques

1, the construction of the flow pool

The aquaculture ponds can be built indoors or outdoors, with an area of ​​2 to 5 m2 per pond, a depth of 24 cm in the pond, a rectangle, brick paving, a single brick erect and side by side, and a cement plastering. The walls are se

Female foxes spring breeding technology

Mastering the mating technology of female foxes is the key to improving fertility and enhancing economic efficiency. The breeding season of the mother-lipped fox is very strict. It only breeds once a year, usually starting in late January and ending in late April. The fox is a spontaneous

Common features and habits of leeches

The breeding of special economic animals, especially special fur animals, is highly profitable. However, the domestication of special fur animals is relatively short, not only wild, but also retains many wild habits, special training must fully understand the characteristics of these anima

How to prevent verticillium wilt in greenhouse

In recent years, due to the continuous cropping of eggplants in greenhouses, verticillium wilt disease has been increasing year by year, and mild disease fields have reduced production by about 20%, and severely reduced production by 40% to 50%. Farmers should pay attention and do a good j

"Shrimp and Rice Continuous Crop" Lobster

Freshwater crayfish, also known as Procambarus clarkii, is favored by consumers because of its tender meat and rich nutrition. Rice-field shrimp farming is a kind of virtuous cycle of ecological farming mode. Generally, the output per mu is 400-500 kg, and the high-yield yarn is 00 kg. Ric

Prevention and cure of greenhouse chili diseases

Virus disease: 1. Seed treatment: soaking with 10% trisodium phosphate for 20 minutes, and germination after washing. 2. Shade net nursery: In the nursery bed with pest control net cover tightly, do not invade aphids, its shelves shade net. 3. Chemical control: spraying NS-83 sensitizer 10

Feed additives that are not suitable for hens

1. Bacterial bacteria net: It is a disease-resistant feed additive that is widely used in the prevention and treatment of chicken white fleas, chicken typhoid fever, chicken paratyphoid fever, and E. coli disease, but it is generally reflected that there is a serious adverse effect on the

Animal disease prevention treatment method

Currently in the fall of animal epidemic prevention time, animal immunization personnel often have emergent injection reactions due to various reasons such as improper operation or individual physical differences when injecting vaccines such as foot-and-mouth disease. Some emergency treatm

Four strokes nursing fever cattle

After drinking more water, the sick cow has a fever, and the consumption of nutrients by the cow is high, the dry mouth is dry, and the appetite is reduced, resulting in anorexia. Therefore, the supply of water should be met, otherwise it will exacerbate the condition. To drink more water

Winter weather how to prevent freezing

In winter, some of the cold-resistant flowers and bonsais can be allowed to outdoor in winter, but do not ignore the cold and warmth of these flowers and trees, especially in the outdoor winter potted plants, because the low temperature is easy to freeze the basin soil, frostbite roots. Fo

Spring Flock Management

The spring weather is cold, the grass is brown, the body energy consumption increases, the bred sheep enter the thin period, the demand for nutrients increases, and slight negligence in feeding and management will cause a large number of deaths.

First, cold and warm, so always chec

Points you must know about air disinfection on farms

Why air disinfection?

There are two main reasons:

First of all:

Air disinfection is carried out as the last step in the disinfection process after different batches or after the whole group is transferred out. This is usually done after the main disinfection proc