Potato virus disease

Symptoms There are 3 types of common potato virus disease. Chlorophyll of mosaic leaves is unevenly distributed, showing dark greenish greenish greenish or yellowish greenish mottled mosaics. In severe cases, the leaves shrink, the whole plant is dwarfed, some

Medicinal materials windbreak cultivation techniques

Wind protection is Umbelliferae. Alias ​​is used for wind protection and wind protection in the east and roots are used as medicine. Sweet, sweet, warm. There is a solution of sweating, dehumidification and dehumidification, attending cold, cold, headache, fever, joint pain,

Tall mantle

Scientific name Atherigona soccata Rondani Diptera, Muscidae. Alias ​​stilt stalk fly, commonly known as stalk fly. Distributed in China's South and Southwest.

Host sorghum.

Injury characteristics Newly hatched larvae feed from near the growing point from

Peanut scarring management must pay attention

Peanut crusting period refers to the period of time from the initial emergence of chicken-headed young fruit to the beginning of full fruiting. It is a crucial period for determining the number of pods. The spring sowing season of peanuts in our province is from early July to early August

Mulberry bacterial disease

Symptoms are also known as bacterial black fungus, leaf shrinking bacterial disease, bad head disease and so on. Distributed in the country's planting mulberry district. The main damage is new shoots and young leaves, causing brown spots or rot in the leav

Sorghum bacterial spot

Symptoms mainly affect the leaves. The lesions are round to elliptical, immersed in water and have a size of 2-10 mm. Dark green at the beginning, lighter at the back of the center, red at the edges, yellow halos. When the humidity is high, the bacteria pus ov

Cotton-grass cotton field

Scientific name Argyrogramma agnata (Staudinger) Synonyms Phytometra agnata Staudinger Lepidoptera, Noctuidae. Distributed throughout the country.

Host cotton, cruciferous, beans and other crops.

Injury characteristics When newly hatched larvae

Hog feed preparation and feeding methods

Feed modulation

Appropriate comminution of grain feed is necessary, but crushed is too harmful. Adequate water admixing before feeding is beneficial, but it is unfavorable over a certain limit. Most feeds should be fed raw, and individual feeds can be beneficially cooked.


Production technology of sprouting vegetable production technology

Toon bud

Citron is a unique woody special dish in China. Using seeds to quickly produce sprouts is a scientific research result promoted in recent years. The citron buds are delicious in color, crisp and juicy, rich in aroma, sweet and delicious, and rich in nutrients. You can mix