Pigs swarmed to be cautious

Looking at the fluctuation of live hog prices since 2009, the national hog price has risen from the low of 9 yuan per kilogram in May this year to around 12 yuan in September, which is close to 13.5 yuan during the Spring Festival this year, still lower than 2008 4 May is 17 yuan. With the

The best top-dressing period for corn, rice and other crops

1. Corn. After the jointing of the corn to the big bell-mouth period, it is the peak period of absorbing nutrients. Generally, the first fertilizer can be applied before and after the jointing. Each kilogram can be topped with 15 kilograms of ammonium nitrate and 8 kilograms of urea; 7 to

How to identify corn seed quality

In recent years, seed quality accidents in corn production have occurred from time to time, affecting agricultural production and damaging the interests of farmers. In 1995, when the maize grouting was mature, the authors conducted investigations into more than 50 corn production fields in

Sperm and egg transport in the uterus and survival time

After the mature egg is excreted from the ovary, its survival time is limited, and the survival time of the sperm in the uterus is also limited. The two times are well grasped. Artificial insemination at the right time can increase the conception rate.

1. Transportation of sperm in th

Spray drying granulator working principle and characteristics

Spray drying granulator working principle and characteristics Spray drying granulator (one-step granulation equipment) is a new type of proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine granulation equipment that combines spray drying technology with fluidized bed granulati

Spring Afforestation "Five Places"

Spring is the golden season of afforestation. In order to improve the survival rate of afforestation in spring, the following points should be grasped during afforestation:

First, tree species selection In place selection tree species must adhere to the principle of appropriate tre

April Fruit Management Points

April is the key period for the management of fruit trees throughout the year and the basis for fruit tree management throughout the year.

Cut before flower: Now you can see which flower bud is and which is not. According to the number of apple tree flower buds to cut. A tree with

Analysis of CCD, Super CCD and CMOS "CCD"

Analysis of CCD, Super CCD and CMOS "CCD"
The development of digital cameras is really a long time, and various new photographic technologies have emerged recently. Many digital came

Prevention and Control of Underground Pests in Autumn Sowing

Underground pests are one of the main pests in the seedling stage of autumn planting crops in Lantian County. The main species are crickets and golden worms, which often cause ridges and ridges in crops, and severe field cropping.

According to county plant protection station on Aug

Wonderful fertilizers improve rice yield

Increased rice production and scientific application of fertilizers are critical. Fertilizing techniques for increasing rice yield have the following points:

First, the application of organic fertilizer: Organic fertilizer is mainly used as a base fertilizer, generally 30 to 40 ton