Ageing Tea Tree Crown Culture Technology

Tea tree canopy culture is an extremely important technical measure in tea planting. It is through pruning to inhibit the tea tree apical dominance, promote axillary bud germination and lateral branch growth, enhance tree vigor, and cultivate high-yielding and high-quality canopy. The cano

Biogas stove safety precautions

First, read the instructions Before using the stove, read the instructions carefully to prevent misuse of the safety accident and damage the stove.
Second, the stove installation Biogas stove should be placed on the kitchen of porcelain, marble or cement and other non-wood cooking surface

Cultivation Techniques of Millet Rice with Dicks

I. High-yield corn cultivation techniques
1, site preparation as soon as possible to plow, give enough farmhouse manure 1000-1500 kg per mu, in order to mature the soil, the bottom of the savings, the spring and then arable land, to turn, rake, pressure and other farming links closely, pa

Foliar fertilizer application differs from vegetable to vegetable

First, leaf vegetables. Such as cabbage, spinach, leek, etc. need more nitrogen, spray fertilizer should be based on urea, ammonium sulfate, spraying concentration of urea should be 1% -2%, ammonium sulfate is 1.5%, spraying 2-4 times a season It is appropriate to spray in the early stage

Crusher repair and maintenance

A crusher is a machine called a crusher that can use external forces to deform the material and split into smaller particles. The current grinder has been widely used in various industries. Given that crusher is the basic processing technology in the production and application of tradition

Correct use of pesticides

The use of pesticides must follow: (1) Select the appropriate pesticide according to different control targets. (2) According to the occurrence of the control object, determine the application time. (3) Grasp the amount of effective medication and apply it in a timely manner. (4) According

Chinese sturgeon breeding technology

As Chinese sturgeon has a greater value in food and medicinal use, artificial breeding has been widely carried out throughout the country. Artificial breeding and breeding are carried out. The breeding methods include polyculture of fish gizzards, monoculture of ponds, and greenhouse culti

Do newborns need to cut teeth?

The newly born piglet has two pairs of canine teeth and two pairs of molars, brownish black and tapering. Based on the following considerations, some farms conducted toothpicking on newborn pigs.

1. Piglets bite into the cheeks with canine teeth while fighting for nipples. Once inf

Feeding young rabbits should be a good "four levels"

The rex rabbits from the first weaning to three months old are young rabbits. During this period, the rex rabbits have fast growth, appetite, poor development of various organs, poor resistance to disease, and are prone to gastro-intestinal diseases. If they are mismanaged, they are very l

Rapid and highly efficient culture of goldfish

Characteristics of golden thread carp Gold wire carp is most suitable for the growth temperature is 20-32 °C, not only resistant to hypoxia, but also resistant to high-density culture, can survive in many hypoxia shallow water environment where fish can not survive, eating a wide range

Whether rice is controlled by pretilachlor in the 2-leaf stage

Q: Li Xuming, Daxu Town, Tongshan County: Rice seedlings in dry conditions are in the 2-leaf stage, and there are many weeds in the 1 leaf and 1 heart stage in the field. In the early stage, after the rice was sown, it was treated with pretilachlor to seal the soil. Can it be controlled wi