What is the application of the reflector of the searchlight?

A searchlight is a device that produces a directional light source. It reflects the light produced by the light source in a certain direction.

Structural and functional searchlights consist of a light source and a reflector, which typically also includ

Cold drink summer woman weight loss taboo

Summer seems to be susceptible to appetite due to high heat. However, how does it seem that appetite is not good and weight has not decreased? There may even be an increasing trend? Hey! This is not hell, probably because of drinking cold drinks.

High temperatures continued unabate

Drinking lemon juice often can prevent kidney stones

As a beauty fruit in life, lemon has attracted the attention of more and more fashionable women. Lemon is rich in citric acid and is known as the "citric acid warehouse." The main nutrients other than sugar are calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and

How to prevent peanut net spot

Peanut net spot, also known as brown spot disease, cloud spot disease, often occurs in combination with leaf spot disease. It can cause early peanut leaf shedding, which seriously affects peanut yield.

First, the incidence of diseases in the flowering period began to occur, the pea

Aseptic homogenizer

The characteristic feature of the aseptic homogenizer is that it is very suitable for tumor tissue. It can obtain a large number of single cells and soft breakage of tissue cells. The homogenization treatment can prevent fat from floating and separating, improv

Instructions for use of Babao Ruisheng Pills

Chinese Pinyin ba bao rui sheng wan
English name Ba bao rui sheng pills
Drug classification medical medicine; stomach pain medicine
Function category This product is a non-prescription drug for stomach cramps.
Medicinal composition Angelica

Jinbao tells you: how to produce green food

The development of science and technology, the progress of the times, green food more into the people's table. What kind of microbial fermentation fertilizers are needed to produce green foods, that is, to promote the output and improve the quality is also convenie

Beauty must see: eat eight kinds of desserts

The heat of the summer has already left many people dry and dry, and nourishing and nourishing desserts are naturally consumed at this time. Bird's nest, Huanjiao and Xuerong are the three most frequently eaten beauty treasures. How can you not learn one or two desserts to please yours

Rice field snail farming

There are many varieties of cultivated snails in paddy fields. The snail shells in China Garden are thin, with obvious black edges around the shell mouth, and there are no black edges on the mouth of the Chinese garden snail shell, and the shell is thicker. The natural growth of snails in

Rice harvester failure inspection method

When the rice harvester malfunctions, the cause of the fault should be identified and eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will delay farming and cause losses. Rice harvester failure inspection method should generally use "5 words" to see, smell, hear, feel, check.