Before and after colonization

Young seedlings are abnormal seedlings that are affected by adverse environmental conditions or excessive seedling growth. When a vegetable farmer purchases seedlings or raises his own seedlings, he or she often encounters such old seedlings more or less. Many vegetable farmers are very he

Do not eat fruit within two hours before taking medicine

Many people have the habit of eating fruit every day. The fruit can not be eaten at any time, it is best not to eat before taking the medicine.

Dr. Wei Minji, Ph.D. from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at Peking University, told the Life Times reporter that, first of all, mo

Two-line super rice Y Liangyou 7

Y Liangyou 7 is the third generation of new super hybrid rice varieties under the auspices of the National “863” Key Project “Creation and Application of Strong Advantage Rice Hybrids” that was independently sponsored by Academician Yuan Longping. The hybrid rice re

Chickens and fish heads most toxic to eat carefully

At the moment, chicken heads, duck heads, fish heads and goose heads are fashionable dishes on the table. As everyone knows, these birds and fish heads are mostly poisonous.

There is a ballad in our country: ten years of victory in a chicken. Why is the longer the chicken, the more

The "Glossary" in Food

Genetically Modified Food:

Transgene is a technique that separates a certain gene from living organisms through molecular biology technology and then implants it into another organism to reform the genetic material of the organism so that it can meet

Watching Cactus Grafting Crab C

The cactus not only has ornamental value, but also absorbs electromagnetic effects. Placing this kind of plant beside the appliances in the home or office can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation generated by various electrical and electronic products and make negative particle

Eat unripe bananas easily aggravate constipation

Most people have such common sense that bananas are intestines. If the stool is not good, eating bananas will ease laxatives. In fact, not all bananas have the effect of rejuvenation. Only the ripe bananas have the above functions. If you eat more raw bananas, you will not only lose one

Poplar cutting seedlings suitable operating techniques

First, choose nursery land. Nursery should choose more fertile sandy loam, or light, heavy loam soil, the terrain should be flat, adequate water, convenient transportation, groundwater level not more than 1 meter, soil thickness not less than 0.8 meters.

Second, land preparation. F

Take a plane and drink mineral water

There are many kinds of free drinks on the plane. Many people like to drink juice, coffee and even beer. In fact, mineral water is the best flying drink.

When the aircraft is flying at high altitude, the air in the cabin is dry and the water in the body will be consumed. A data pub

Cordyceps cultivation technology

Cordyceps militaris is a fungus with high nourishing and medicinal value and has a promising market. Reasonable basic carbon-nitrogen ratio is a necessary condition for artificial cultivation of Cordyceps militaris. The use of rice as a culture medium provides a carbon source and a nitroge