Open-air flowers and winter maintenance

In winter, some of the flowers and bonsai that are more resistant to cold can be allowed to live naturally in the winter, but do not ignore the cold and warmth of these flowers and trees, especially the potted plants and bonsai pots that are used for wintering outdoors. Root system. The so

Three taboos for eating eggs

Eggs are commonly eaten by people. They protect the liver and prevent arteriosclerosis. But eating eggs also has dietary restrictions.

Taboo 1: Eggs and sugar cook together

In many places there is a habit of eating sugared eggs. In fact, when eggs and sugar are cooked toget

Teach you to prevent the cucumber from blooming

Cucumbers cultivated in greenhouses or in open fields sometimes have no luster and produce a white powdery cream on the surface. This phenomenon is commonly known as "frosting fruit." Cucumber bloom is a physiological disease. The reasons are: the cultivation land is too shallow, the

How to regulate duck body weight and evenness

The control of duck body weight and uniformity is closely related to the peak of egg production in ducks, the duration of peak maintenance, and the total egg production during the entire laying cycle. First, the feeding method requirements. The feed must be evenly distributed into the trough s

Alpaca feed preparation: coarse material, fine material, trace elements

Feed preparation

Alpaca is regarded as an aristocrat in livestock, but its oral structure and digestive function are different from other livestock, and it is particularly resistant to rough feeding.

In addition, under conditions of low nutrient levels, the hair produced by

Winter seed germination tips

In winter, the use of foam boxes for seed germination, the budding rate can reach 90%. Before germination, the seeds are soaked in fresh water. Different seeds have different soaking times. Generally, seeds such as gourd, gourd, and bitter gourd need to be soaked for 48 hours, and tomato seeds

Introduction of technical parameters and scope of use of flower basket press

Flower basket press: It is a small, basket-type continuous automatic tablet press. It is one of the necessary equipment for the processing of granular raw materials into tablets or granules in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. It is suitable for small batch pro

Clever use of hay and straw to feed livestock

During the winter and early spring seasons, there is a lack of green feed, and the countryside generally uses hay and crop straw to feed livestock. In order to increase the use value of feed, you should grasp the following points when processing and feeding:

1. Try to eat hay and s

Inventory 7 kinds of ordinary foods with amazing efficacy

How do you know about food? Do you know what foods are good for your body? Know what foods can be used when your body is not in good condition? Believe that the contents of such an aspect are not very well understood, in fact, in the diet. On the one hand, it's very elaborate, but you

Issues related to estrus and breeding of gilts

The first phase (6.5 to 7.5 months of age) 1. Boar stimulation: XY good adult boar is more effective. The specific approach is as follows: Let the breeding sows be kept in the neighbourhood boar; let the adult boar chase for 10 to 20 minutes in the sows to be placed, so that the male and femal

New iron cannon lily cultivation techniques

The new iron cannon lily is a cross-breed lily lily that can be cut directly from the lily and Taiwan lily. It usually takes about 7-8 months from sowing to flowering. The lily of the new artillery is white and beautiful, with a beautiful flower pattern, a large flower pattern, and a stron

Jujube disease in winter soil

Jujube disease is the most serious devastating disease in all jujube diseases. There is no effective medicine to eradicate it. The jujube farmer in Tangxian County discovered in the treatment of jujube disease that using the jujube tree to produce jujube disease in the winter has obvious effec