Domestic oil prices rise

With the collective limit of U.S. agricultural product futures, the domestic spot market price of oil immediately increased. On the 11th, soybean oil in some areas rose by 350-400 yuan/ton, and a 4% increase in one day basically confirmed that soybean oil pric

The United States: How Does the Food Industry "Study"?

My tutor “Boss” once received a project to help a company selling “fried noodles” understand the state of the sauce's absorption on the fried dough and what factors are affected. The goal is to retain more seasoning.


How to raise ducklings

It is the best brooding season in the year to breed ducklings in the spring, with few epidemics, easy to survive, fast growth, and good management. The following six steps must be mastered in raising:

First, avoid hot and cold. The weather in spring is changeable. During brooding,

Ducks need to catch sheds in winter

In the cold winter, there is less activity in the captive ducks and the body fat accumulation is thicker, and egg production is often reduced significantly. The “shed catch” can significantly increase its egg production rate.

To catch a shed, it is to start ducklings in

Medical Devices Enters the GMP Era

Business Club News, January 7 Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) issued a total of 13 chapters on the “Medical Device Manufacturing Quality Management Specification (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”

The use of polyvinyl chloride food cling film security risks

From September 1, new national standards for "food plastic self-adhesive plastic wrap" will be formally implemented. In addition to polyethylene cling film, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidene chloride food wrap are included in the national standar

How to do cucumber abnormality

There are 4 main types of malformed cucumbers:

One, tipped melon. The main reason was that the cucumber was weakly parthenocarpic and the female flowers in the flowering stage were not fertilized, resulting in the malnutrition of the fruit tip. Prevention measures create good polli