Find out the reason to deal with cucumber dead trees

Cucumber plants appear wilting phenomenon, even dead trees, mainly caused by excessive fertilizer and water, diseases and insect pests.

One is that excessive fertilizer and water cause root injury. Most vegetable farmers believe that after the temperature rises, the cucumber grows

Pepper rotten fruit guards against three diseases

Recently, many farmers told the author that the phenomenon of rot in the greenhouse is now serious. The author went to a large number of peasant households in the greenhouse to check and found that pepper rotten fruit is mainly due to fruit infection soft rot, disease and anthrax caused. <

Eat balanced to health

Our reporter Bao Xiaofeng Li Huiyi Bai Yansong: On the 11th of each month as the day when the country issued GDP, CPI key figures, those figures prove whether a country's economic operation is healthy. Now, on the 11th of every month, we have added a small

Small packaged edible oil prices remain stable

According to the report (Reporter Chen Hao), due to the fluctuation of the global grain and oil market, China's grain, oil and food industry has also entered a relatively difficult period. Many brands face a loss crisis due to “price inversion”

Wuxi Field Cultivation Management Technology

1. The site selection site chooses sunny, fertile, deep, well-drained, moist, neutral or acidic soils.

2. Propagation methods (1) Seed propagation Seeds are planted in late autumn or early spring. Seeds are sowed at intervals of 20-25 cm. 20-30 seeds

Maintenance of common irrigation and drainage machinery

When the rainy season comes, irrigation and drainage machinery must do maintenance work. The common irrigation and drainage machinery has deep water pumps, motors and diesel engines. Here's a look at what needs to be taken care of when servicing these three types of machinery.

Poor control of kiwifruit can cause damage to the garden

Phone number 138*****867 Weihai readers to inquire: The year before last year I planted more than 2 acres of kiwifruit trees, had grown very well, but now married interface infection, bark around the dried up, disease The spots circled around the branches and the tree died. The female plan

Four preparations for “vacation” of tiller

Many agricultural operators are accustomed to parking after using agricultural machines. When they are used for the next time, they often encounter various types of faults. In order to avoid the recurrence of such problems, the agricultural machinery must do a series of preparatory work be

Breeding of Blue Pepper Seedlings

Experts stated that the common blue pepper variety suitable for planting in eastern Sichuan is Jiuyeqing, or Jiuzheqingzhaocao. Planters in Eastern Sichuan can purchase seedlings near Jiangjin County in Chongqing or buy seed for their own seedlings.

When planting, the first choice

Ginger application of micro-fertilizer can increase production

In addition to the three elements that need to be absorbed from the soil, Ginger needs to absorb various trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and boron during the growth process. For the boron-deficient and zinc-bearing plots, 1 kg of borax and 2 kg of zinc sulfate are applied per

Low temperature rainy citrus fruit protection is the key

It is critical that the current flowering and fruit preservation is in progress at the citrus flowering stage. However, the recent continuous low temperature and rainy weather is not conducive to the growth of flowers and fruits.
First, the use of Paulownia (including two efficient and lo

Summer vegetable seedlings pay attention to pesticide injury

1. Symptoms Symptoms of summer vegetables often cause growth retardation of stems and leaves of seedlings, atrophy of seedling growth points, and stagnation of growth; the leaves start to whiten and scorch from the edges, the whole plant gradually wilts, and finally the whole plant is dead. Th