Cotton flowering management points

Cotton enters the flowering or flowering period. This period is one of the most important periods of cotton production. It is the most vigorous and most fragile period of life in cotton. It is the most vulnerable to the damage of cotton bollworm and other pests. Dyeing caused falling bells

Anniversary cultivation of broccoli onion

In recent years, Fengxian County has promoted broccoli, onion, and green soybeans with a 1 year and 3 years ripening mode. The yield is generally good. Generally, it can produce 1000-1200 kilograms of broccoli, 6000-6500 kilograms of onions, and 800-900 kilograms of soybeans per acre. Benefits

Birthing sow's production technology

Demonstration households should not only master the husbandry and management techniques, but also master the production technology in order to increase the survival rate. Its production technology is:
The delivery room is disinfected 2 weeks before delivery, and is kept dry. Especially fo

The reason and prevention of leek leaf

In the growing season of leeks, leaf dryness often occurs. Farmers often spray insecticides on the shoots of the plants. Because the control objects are blind, the general control effect is not good. Because the leek leaves are caused by the disease, gray mold, and some are caused by physiolog

Problems with slatted floors in pig farms

At present, crevice floors have been widely adopted by pig farms. Especially for the modern high-bed intensive pigs, the squeezing floor or half-slatted floor is used for all kinds of gestation sows, farrowing sows, weaned pigs and finishing pigs. The use of crevice flooring not only facil

The characteristics and application of ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate

Characteristics of Ammonium Nitrate The chemical formula of ammonium nitrate: NH4NO3, containing 33% to 34% of nitrogen (N), including half of the two forms of ammonium and nitric acid, since ammonium or nitrate nitrogen can be directly absorbed by the crop root system. In order to meet the nu

Take comprehensive measures to prevent melon from cracking melons

When the melon has a fist size, the umbilicus often appears cracking symptoms, the rip is radial, after which the wound flows out of a red-brown gel. In addition to the variety related to melon fissure melon, but also related to the cultivation and management. Large changes in wet and dry, une

Prevention and cure of common diseases and pests of shiitake mushrooms

In the process of mushroom production, it is often jeopardized by diseases and insect pests. If the control is unfavorable, mushroom cultivation will fall into a vicious circle. If it is light, the production will be reduced, and if it is heavy, the cultivation will fail. Therefore, it must be

Management of late sprouting or non-germinating grapes

Due to continuous droughts in the winter and spring, winds and cold days have caused many vines to pluck. In addition, last year's grape production was higher than in previous years, which directly led to the “overdraft” of the nutrient components of the grape stems, the lack o

Weather Drought Prevents Corn Dwarf Virus Disease Early

With the wheat harvest approaching, corn planting has begun one after another. Judging from the dry and dry weather this year, corn roughage virus disease may have occurred more seriously this year, reminding everyone to take precautions as soon as possible. The corn rough dwarf disease can be

Commercial Goose Breeding Technology

One week before picking
1. Thoroughly clean the brooding room. Used brooding rooms should be strictly sterilized and then left free for more than one month.
2. Overhaul the insulation facility. Ensure that the flue gas is open and the thermal insulation facilities warm up quickly.