Chengdu pork price will decline for a long time

A long-term change in the price of meat will implement price subsidies. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited the Chengdu People's Radio "Chengdu Face to Face, Governing Style Hotline," and W

Coconut Seedling Technology

The budding of coconut should pay attention to the different germination time of different varieties and different types to get the best germination rate. After years of experimental research, the Wenchang Coconut Research Institute has initially explored the germination characteristics of

Researchers Find New Hope for Leukemia Treatment

It is reported that researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have tested a new drug for treating chronic leukemia and found that new markers can be used to determine which patients will benefit most from treatment.

This information was published online in

Litchi Management Points in Spring

1. Completely clean the garden. First, weeding out the dense weeds within the perimeter of the orchard to clear the park; secondly, we cut off the dense branches and pests inside and outside the tree and cut them out of the park; once again, the whole park sprayed trichlorfon once. 600 tim

Fruit mulberry planting points

In general, the mulberry plant spacing is 1.0m2.0m, and the fast-growing garden or greenhouse cultivation is 0.4-0.6m1.3-1.5m. The planting densities should be slightly larger when the branches are erect and the tree shape is compact, SHEN Guo 408, Xin Hong Bao, or Shan Sang Sang 404. The plan

In June, Guangxi Sugar Railway shipped a total of 148,000 tons

Kunshen Sugar Network reported on July 12 that it had received a total shipment of 148,000 tons of sugar from Guangxi Sugar Railway in June. Compared with the same period of last year, it reduced transportation by 12,000 tons, a reduction of 7.5%.


Control and solution during the coating process

Coating is an important part of the tablet production process. How to do the coating work directly affects the quality of the coated tablets, so I give some personal views on the coating according to the known coating process.

First of all, the process of sugar coating:

Chinese peasants' food bags full of money

On the 13th, Wang Fuxing and his workers started a new day in the harshness of cutting tools. The average monthly salary is 2,300 yuan, which is five times more than his one-acre wheat crop in his hometown.

Wang Fuxing was a farmer who lived in farmin

Safety measures to be considered when purchasing a centrifuge

The centrifuge is a high-speed machine and a necessary tool for daily experiments. Quality is very important. Choosing a reliable, well-reputed brand not only brings convenience to the use process, but also reduces the loss and trouble caused by future failures. For example, the outer cover of

Pesticide dilution should be kept away from "hard water"

Water is divided into hard water and soft water. The so-called hard water refers to well water, salt water, sea water and other materials containing more calcium, magnesium and other substances, the hardness is generally 18 to 20 degrees. Pesticide dilution water is not available for this