How to Keep and Seal Rice Harvesters

The rice combine harvester is a complex structure with a large one-time investment and short use time (usually used in the summer and autumn harvest seasons in the south, and about one month in one year), and is stored for a long period of time. Therefore, after the autumn harvest operatio

Winter shear classification

Eucommia is pruned once a year, and winter shears should be classified according to the purpose of cultivation.

For the purpose of harvesting bark from the eucommia bark, the lateral branches should be trimmed and the dense lateral branches should be cut to promote the robust growt

Autumn National Orchid Care Precautions

After the white dew exposure, many places in China, especially the areas north of the Yangtze River, began to enter the real autumn. The maximum temperature during the day is generally lower than 30°C, and the night temperature is around 20°C, which is very suitable for the growth of

Classification of coding machines under different requirements

The code printer is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single chip microcomputer. By controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from outside the machine, a certain pressure is applied to the ink in the system, so that the ink is ejected through a nozzle of s

Anti-cancer drugs into the base directory

The “Basic Drug List” has entered the adjustment period, and it was recently reported that relatively expensive anti-cancer drugs will be included in the revised “Basic Drug List”. Affected by this news, the stocks related to the anti-c

Xinmai 26 Renews Domestic Record of Strong Gluten Wheat Production

The wheat field collection expert group composed of well-known wheat experts from Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Henan Province Seed Management Station, and Henan Agricultural University, in the demonstration field of 2000 mu of Xinmai 26 in Hezhu Village, Songji Township, Xiping

This autumn rain more pigs fine grinding

Since autumn, the rainy weather has continued, which still has a lot of adverse effects on pig raising, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the piglet is sick

Piglets are cold and pigs are hot. So, what is the relationship between humidity and temperature? In

Plant protection device cleaning method

Small-scale plant protection equipment such as autumn misters and sprayers should be cleaned immediately after spraying, especially after using highly toxic pesticides and various herbicides. Produces poison to crops.

After using general pesticides, rinse the equipment repeatedly w