Reasonably feed the province feed prevention

Now, some shrimp farmers in South America think it's a simple matter to feed the feed. Just spread the feed to the pond and it's time to do it. Actually, the feed for white shrimp is delicate. Scientific and reasonable feeding not only saves Feed can also prevent the occurrence of

Occurrence of disease in intensive culture of grass carp

Occurrence of grass carp disease is closely related to climate change. In our county, the main manifestations are the "barley yellow" and "white dew" peak periods, followed by the "summer solstice" period, and before and after the "Early Autumn" peri

Fertilizing method for top-dressing fruit tree "summer shooter"

Using biogas slurry as a "summer shooter" fertilizer for fruit trees can increase fruit set-up rate by 5%, increase production by about 20%, enhance quality, and increase sweetness by 0.5% to 1%.

Fertilization method: Apply "summer shooter fertilizer" (biogas sl

Why do unmarried women get vaginitis?

1. The vagina is connected to the perineum, and alkaline soaps or disinfectants are often used to cleanse the vulva. This can also cause dysbacteriosis in the vagina.

2. Close to the trousers vaginitis, as the name suggests, this vaginitis is due to the East Lake often wear tight w

Paste filling machine seepage problem

For the daily chemical industry and the food industry, its better development is inseparable from the filling equipment such as paste filling machine and paste filling production line. For the paste filling machine, its successful development solves the filling problem for the daily chemical an

Application of sweeteners in sugar-free beverages

Sugar-free drinks contain no sucrose, which can reduce the intake of sugar and benefit human health. In the preparation, the sugar-containing formula is generally used as a reference, and is converted according to the corresponding sweetness multiple of the high-intensity sweetener. Althoug

"tip shoes" induces severe foot disease

The whirlwind of "pointed-leather shoes" that has been blowing up in these two years has caused an increase in the number of female foot problems. According to a survey conducted by the No. 1 Hospital of the City, many women have already suffered from a severe foot disease called

Caution Chinese medicine poisons to take 3 notes in summer

Do hot Chinese medicines get angry during the summer?

Experts of Chinese medicine point out that the view that eating traditional Chinese medicine in the summer will get angry is biased. Chinese medicine also has cold, heat, warm and cool points. Some medicines have warmth, some me

Get rid of insomnia troubles

Insomnia makes many people feel extremely distressed. Here are some prescriptions and therapeutics.

1, 15 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, 3 grams of American ginseng, decoction on behalf of the tea.

2, 10 grams of longan meat, lotus seeds 50 grams, jujube 20, decoction add a li

Chinese medicine symptomatic treatment insomnia will get a move

"I have insomnia," remarked how much emotion and frustration. Insomnia, sleeplessness, sleepiness, this is a very painful thing. Insomnia, what do we do? Chinese medicine attributed insomnia to the five internal organs. Insomnia with different symptoms was caused by damage to the

Dietary prolactin postpartum new mother lactation vegetables one by one


Legend of Wu Zetian postpartum milk, resumption of constipation, oral ulcers, but she was afraid to take medicine, when a scholar of deep dietary medicine Meng Xie offered a diet prescription, Ling Bai muddy tofu vinegar dressing service , It played wonders.

As a vege