How to produce corn yogurt

Corn yoghurt is yoghurt made by mixing corn and milk together and fermenting it. It not only has a fresh corn aroma, it further improves the nutritional value of corn and milk.

Soak the corn in warm water at 40°C for more than 24 hours until it fully absorbs water. The judgment

Chicken manure can be used as pig feed

Shi Zhuangzhuang Agricultural School Zhang Zhanfeng A: The ratio of the length of the chicken's digestive tract to the body's length is relatively small compared to other animals, especially mammals. This shows that chickens are relatively short animals in the digestive tract. Base

FDA Approves New Indications of Cetuximab and KRAS Detection

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it has approved cetuximab as a new indication for colorectal cancer and has approved a genetic test to rule out treatment with KRAS mutations Benefit the patient.

According to the new indication

Mixer application maintenance

Shandong Longxing Mixer can be divided into two types: stainless steel Longxing mixer and carbon steel Longxing mixer. The high quality and low price mixer makes us the forefront of the mixer industry. Now, the price is preferentially 0.1-10 cubic meters. The relia

Jiancha secret method flower tea

I don't know when I started, the friends who drink tea around are getting less and I am going to drink green tea, oolong or Pu'er tea. It is said that it is because of the addition of floral fragrance to flower tea, such as jasmine, cymbidium, medlar, and medlar. There is also a say

Feeding technology for lean pigs

1. The growth characteristics of lean-type pigs The prominent characteristics of lean-type pigs are the high content of lean meat in the carcasses and the low fat content. The growth of lean meat and fat in lean-type pigs has obvious stages, ie the body weight is 60 kg. The growth rate of

New technology method to increase velvet output

Light control and stimulating method. A simple plastic greenhouse with an area of ​​about 125-225 square meters. There are four 100-150W mercury lamps installed on the roof, about 2.5-2.7 meters above the ground, and about 500 degrees Celsius. Every year from the beginning of

Raising pigs must prevent moldy feed poisoning

After ingesting mildew feed, pigs can cause chronic poisoning, such as: damage to important tissues and organs such as liver, kidney, and reproductive tract, affecting normal physiological functions of animals, and destroying or reducing the structure and function of the immune system and

How to improve the survival rate of early weaning pups

1, eat enough colostrum. The two-week-old weight of the pups born can reach 3 times of the birth weight. The nutrients needed are all dependent on breast milk. If the pups eat less than breast milk, their growth and physique will be affected and the early weaning will have adverse consequences

How Mulberry Leaves Fresh

Mulberry leaves are the food of the country. Only the leaf quality is fresh. Only in this way can the silkworms eat well, eat well, grow well, and produce high calories. Mulberry leaf preservation, pay attention to mining, transport, storage three links.

First, according to the amo

Peach cracking, softening rot and preventing measures

1. Phytophthora physiological disease, generally occurs in the second bud of fruit buds. At this point, the fruit enters the rapid expansion stage, and the expansion of the pulp is often faster than the growth of the fruit, causing the peel to crack. Especially when it rains for a long time, t