Agricultural machinery maintenance 10

One, smart storage motor

In a humid area, before the motor is stored, wipe the outer shell of the motor clean, dry it, put it in a plastic bag, and put a suitable amount of dry lime in a new kiln into the plastic bag, and then fasten the bag of plastic bags. Replace the lime block

What method can hangover

When everyone had a happy party and had a drink, did they think that wine was intoxicating, but alcohol hurt people. If you drink alcohol, you can drink sober tea. Then you can enjoy the refreshing wine and protect your body. Why not?

After the drink feels a headache, you can drink

Precocious fish species in late winter and early spring

Early winter and early spring are the critical period for broodstock breeding. Some farmers have visited the rounds of listing and ignoring the cultivation of broodstock, laying hidden dangers for fishery production in spring and summer. Therefore, in order to have a good fish culture, the

Four foods in winter improve baby immunity

In winter, the weather is cold. The baby is a weak and weak population. The resistance is more likely to get sick. Mothers can do more foods to improve the baby's immunity. For the baby to eat, the following four recipes are not delicious, but they can also attract baby saliva DC. The

Pig feces clever feeding fish

Fermentation method to dry the collected fresh pig manure, after crushing, add 10% wheat bran or corn flour, add water, mix and stir, add water in the hands of the pig manure in the fingers without water drops, and then into the concrete pool Or in the earth pool, the layers are pressed ti

Weather, weather, weather, shelter, disaster prevention

First, windy weather vegetable management

The production of greenhouse vegetables, plastic greenhouses and other facilities of vegetables and garlic exposed to great harm, scratching the film, plastic film, scraping grasshoppers and other phenomena often occur, resulting in greenho

Tea cannot be eaten with anything

Tea and meat (pork, dog, lamb, donkey) = tea diuretic, easy constipation

Tea and lamb should not be the same food. Lamb is rich in nutrients and has a strong ability to keep out the cold. China has always had the saying "Winter eat mutton", because the mutton is warm and

Can pregnant women eat oranges?

Orange contains a lot of vitamin C, while Vitamin C is an important nutrient that enhances human immunity and participates in normal human metabolism. And a lot of life experience tells us that oranges do not contain any pregnant women taboo harmful substances. Therefore, pregnant women wh

How do squid cook well

Fried silk yellow silk: 1 squid shred, simmering yellow segment. 2 Put the silk into the boiling water pot and pour the water. Add a little vinegar during the process to remove the smell of fish, remove and drain. 3 Add the vegetable oil to the wok, stir fry the onion and put it in the pan

Wearable "Atrial Defibrillator"

Release date: 2012-11-27


Zoll Medical Devices Inc. has developed the world's first "wearable atrial defibrillator&q

5 diets for baby's winter disease prevention

In autumn and winter, it is the time when the children are prone to catch cold. In addition, due to the dry weather, various respiratory diseases will be found on the baby, in addition to appropriate addition of clothing and drinking water, but also to prevent diseases through diet . In th