09-262-Bromo-4-fluorocinnamic acid: The ultimate killer of allergic rhinitis

In the treatment of allergic rhinitis, it has been deeply troubled by the recurrence problems! Currently, all kinds of therapeutic drugs for allergic rhinitis such as nasal drops, oral drugs, and traditional Chinese medicines are not exhaustive, but they have all entered the treatment cycle of “clinically effective, stop-and-repeated” treatment without exception. Can not achieve the goal of completely curing allergic rhinitis!

The Nasal Health Experts Group at the Global Nasal Health Organization Experts Meeting held that traditional therapies aim only at temporarily relieving symptoms, eliminating inflammation, and suppressing the disease, but they ignore the consistent root cause of damaged nasal mucosa and the inflammation itself. The low level of immunity makes the allergic rhinitis more and more persistent and prolonged. Not only that, inappropriate treatment may also lead to a series of complications such as drug-induced rhinitis, secondary hypertrophic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, otitis media, and sinusitis.

Therefore, the treatment of allergic rhinitis, should change the direction from anti-inflammatory to repair the nasal mucosa, remodeling immunity, only this is the future of allergic rhinitis treatment of the fundamental way out!

The "2-bromo-4-fluorocinnamic acid" allergic rhinitis drug was born under this forward-looking theoretical guidance. The drug firmly grasps the fundamentals of repairing the nasal mucosa and adopts high-end biotechnologies in the United Kingdom to extract a large number of “immunopeptides” that can effectively enhance the immunity of the body's T cells and rapidly inhibit the activity of allergic media, directly from the nose, The rapid ablation within the throat lesions, resolve the lesion tissue, so that inflammation, hyperplasia and other diseased tissue self-contract, resolve, all kinds of allergic symptoms quickly eliminated, and deep repair of the nasal mucosa, completely cured allergic rhinitis, to prevent recurrence!

The drug is completely non-toxic and harmless. Through the joint clinical verification of 36 authoritative medical institutions such as China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital, "2-bromo-4-fluorocinnamic acid" completely overturned the difficult, difficult, and repetitive world problems of allergic rhinitis. Up to 98.6%! Experts of the Chinese Academy of Otolaryngology and Otorhinolaryngology branch even evaluated "2-bromo-4-fluorocinnamic acid" as a nuclear weapon for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in China!

"2-Bromo-4-fluorocinnamic acid" is a spice raw material with a white to pale yellow powder, which was previously used as a food flavoring material.

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