10 big foods make your rhubarb teeth eaten more white

1. Celery

Fiber thick like a broom, sweep away some of the food residue on the teeth, in addition to the more difficult to chew it will stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the pH value in the mouth, to achieve a natural antibacterial effect.

2. The guava/banana

Tropical fruit contains high-dimensional C to maintain the health of gums. If it is severely deficient, the gums will become fragile, prone to diseases, swelling of the gums, bleeding, loose or falling teeth, and other symptoms.

3. Cheese

Calcium and phosphate can balance the acidity and alkalinity of the mouth, prevent the oral cavity from being in an acidic environment conducive to bacterial activity and cause tooth decay; regular consumption can increase tooth surface calcium, which helps to strengthen and reconstruct enamel and make the tooth stronger.

4. Sugarless chewing gum

It can increase the amount of saliva secretion, neutralize the acidity in the oral cavity, and further prevent tooth decay.

5. mint

The mint leaves contain mono-tertiary compounds that reach the lungs through blood circulation and feel fresh when they breathe.

6. Water

Drinking adequate amounts of water keeps the gums moist and stimulates the secretion of saliva. Drink water after eating something and take away the food residue from the mouth, so that the bacteria can not get nutrients, and take the opportunity to damage the teeth.

7. Green tea

Green tea contains a large amount of fluoride combined with apatite in teeth. It has the effect of anti-acid and anti-cavernous teeth. Can remove bad breath.

8. Onions

Sulfur compounds in onions are powerful antibacterial ingredients that kill the Streptococcus mutans that cause our tooth decay.

9. Mushrooms

Contained in the mushroom polysaccharides Rui Rui Rui Rui Rui Rui 牵 砸 砸 砸 砸 谥 谥 谥 谥 谥 谥 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造 制造.


The inclusion of isothiocyanates inhibits Streptococcus mutans breeding that causes cavities.

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