A New Favorite of Ornamental Plants—Cultivation of Rabbit Plant Fern

The davalliamariesii are also known as dragon claw fern, wolf spider fern, and osteophyte. Roots exposed, fleshy, rough about 6 ~ 12cm, the surface with brown scales and furry as rabbit feet, flower farmers are therefore known as rabbit foot fern or fern.

Morphological characteristics: The rabbit foot fern is a small epiphyte fern. Plants 20m high, rhizomes long and transverse, densely velvety lanceolate gray-brown scales. Ye Yuansheng, with a broad ovate leaf blade and three to four pinnately compound leaves, the more the tip of the pinnacle becomes smaller, the overall shape is triangular. The sporangia were born on the tip of a small vein near the margin of the leaf margin, and the capsule covered a nearly circular shape. Leaflets delicately elliptic or pinnately lobed, leathery, leaf surface smooth and dark green, shiny, feathers 10 to 30 cm long, supported by slender leaf petioles, petiole slightly darker, slender 10 to 30 cm, sporangial Born on the top edge of the small leaflet margin, non-leafy base.

Origin and distribution: The origin is New Zealand and Japan. It is distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands.

Cultivation and propagation: The rabbit foot fern is an epiphytic fern of long green grass. It prefers a warm and semi-negative environment. It can tolerate certain dryness. The soil is preferably loose and permeable, sandy loam, semi-hardy, and can not fall below 5°C in winter. The matrix should be mixed with peat or half-leaf and garden soil. During the growing season, sufficient moisture is supplied to keep the stems and leaves fresh and tender. Although it is necessary to keep the soil moist, during the watering interval, slight dryness is harmless. Too much water can make the scales on the rhizome brown. The top part of the rhizome with 2 to 3 leaves is cut out, placed in a peat or mixed matrix of perlite and sand, placed in a semi-humid and warm environment, fixed with iron wire, etc. and moisturized for approximately one month. Send new roots, or use high pressure rhizomes to breed.

Uses: rabbit foot fern grows slowly, with brown rhizome scales, semi-hardy, planted with a high basin or hanging basket, silver-white stems drooping, beautiful leaves, shape, chic, rhizomes and leaves have a pole High ornamental value is a very popular indoor ornamental fern; it can also be used as a landscape plant on the rockery side. Its rhizomes can also be used as medicine, there is a dehumidification dehumidification, heat and cooling effect.

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