Advantages of the Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

There are three main methods for measuring the moisture content of materials:

1. Calfi's moisture analyzer ; easy to use, short in time, high in accuracy, difficult to be hindered by other components, and affecting its measurement value; many standards use the modified method as the measurement standard method (example JISK0113).

2. The drying reduction method is easy to use, but the measurement takes a long time, and samples containing low boiling components are prone to errors.

3, infrared moisture analyzer is easy to use, short time, low accuracy, methanol and other samples containing OH groups, easy to produce errors.

The principle of the Calfie Moisture Analyzer is as shown in the following reaction formula. The iodine in the card reagent encounters water (parts) to produce a quantitative chemical reaction. A method of measuring moisture using such a reaction is called a Karl Fischer water titration method.

There are two types of Calfie Moisture Analyzers: the Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer and the Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer.

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer: The titration reagent (capacity) consumed by Karl Fischer reagent titration and titration is the desired moisture content. This method is called volumetric method.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer: Calphenycene reagent contains iodide ions to electrolyze it. It generates iodine and consumes electric charge. The water content can be obtained from the total power consumption. This method is called coulometric method.

A Karl Fischer reagent (a solution of iodine, sulfur dioxide, pyridine, and methanol or ethylene glycol methyl ether) can be quantitatively reacted with water in the sample. The mass fraction of water in the sample can be determined by dissolving the sample in a suitable solvent (or extracting the water from the sample), titrating with a Karl Fischer reagent of known titer, and determining the end point of the titration using a permanent stop method.

1. Advantages of Calfi Hugh / Cassette / Karl Fischer Volumetric Moisture Analyzer / Moisture Meter:
1) The operation is very simple
2) The high reproducibility of the measured value, if the digital display uses a standard 10mL injector, its reproducibility can reach ±0.01mL.
3) Injecting dehydration solvent, the discharge of waste liquid is simple

2. Karl Fischer moisture analyzer application range:
Chemical industry: petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cleaning products, plastics, resins, coatings.
Food industry: food, beverages, spices, dairy products, fats, condiments, tobacco and alcohol, sauces.
Electronics industry: electronics, electroplating, etching, semiconductors, optoelectronics, batteries, capacitors, appliances.
Motor, machinery, textile, metal, cement, biochemical, optical, environmental, mining, academic.

2. Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer Instrument Features:
The burette nozzle of the burette has a reverse osmosis configuration.
The glass burette is covered with a protective cover.
Easy to replace KF reagents.
Standard accessories with solvent replacement pump.
The moisture evaporator (ADP-511S) can be controlled automatically.
Comply with GLP/GMP regulations.

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