Apple flower rot symptoms and prevention

Apple flower rot mainly damages leaves, flowers, young fruit and twigs, causing leaf rot, flower rot, fruit rot and branch rot.

1, leaf rot. It takes 2 to 3 days after the leaves to emerge, and red-brown spots on both sides of the leaf tip, leaf margin, or vein appear not to be plastic lesions, extending along the leaf veins to the base of the leaves, and the diseased leaves are wilting drooping. After the rain or when wet, the lesion table

Surface appearance of gray mold, that is, the conidial stems and conidia of pathogens.

2, flower rot. Leaf rot spreads to the base of the petiole and the germs invade the flower tussock and spread along the pedicel. Causes the flowers to rot. Sick flowers droop, red


3, fruit rot. The bacteria invade through the stigma of the flower, enter the embryo sac and spread outward through the ovary wall. When the young fruit grows to a large size, brown spots appear on the surface of the diseased fruit. The surface of the lesion leaks mucus, with hair

Yeast odor, when the fruit is dehydrated, it becomes a stale fruit.

4, branch rot. The pathogen spreads to the shoots through petioles and fruit stems, forming a dark brown ulcer. When severely damaged, the branches die.

Control methods: 1, cleaning orchards. In spring and autumn, the fallen leaves and fruit are cleaned, the diseased branches are cut off, and the initial infection source is removed.

2, orchard deep plowing, ground application. Deep plowing in early spring or autumn, the depth should reach 15 centimeters, buried the ground sick fruit, to prevent the formation of apothecia. Secondly, the whole park will use general spray and general tree to disinfect and sterilize and protect the trees for safe wintering.

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