April Fruit Management Points

April is the key period for the management of fruit trees throughout the year and the basis for fruit tree management throughout the year.

Cut before flower: Now you can see which flower bud is and which is not. According to the number of apple tree flower buds to cut. A tree with a large number of flower buds can remove a part of the flower buds, and a small number of flower buds can remove a part of the vegetative branches, short cross-branches and weak branches to achieve a reasonable load, ventilation and light transmission.

Sparse flowering: Apple trees are flowers and flowers. When they bloom too much, they will consume a lot of nutrients and affect the flowering of the next year. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring fruit and fruit, the tree with many flowers and fruits can adjust the number of flowers and fruits to make the load appropriate and the layout is reasonable to promote the growth of trees, high yield, high quality, prevent and overcome the large and small results, and improve the quality of fruit. Preventing the degeneration of the tree vigor caused by excessive results, the increase in pests and diseases has a significant effect.

Pollination: It is best to use artificial pointing, but it is too laborious. If you touch flowers, you can pick one touch and four flowers. Note: Apple is the center of the first flower open, fruit set rate is high, a long fruit, Zhou Zheng, so the central point of the flower, for the sake of insurance, a central flower, and then a side flower. 5 to 7 inches a flower.

Spraying boron during flowering: 300 times more borax, 300 times more potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 300 times more urea, and use a fine mist to make a quick start at the top of the flower to increase the fruit setting rate.

Spraying after falling: Indications: step, red spider, ring spondylosis, etc. Medication formulation: 4.5% high efficiency cypermethrin 1600 times plus 1.8% avermectin drugs 5,000 times plus 50% carbendazim powder 1500 times or 70% pure pedicle 1500 times plus three boosters 1000 times or potassium dihydrogen phosphate 400 times.

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