Bag color management

Mushroom bag color characteristics: must be color, temperature difference, wet, poor light.

1. Temperature regulation. Fully-infected bacteria bags can be used for color management. When the natural temperature is lower than 12°C, arrange according to the shape of wells, code height 6~8 layers, 4~6 rows per turn, cover the plastic film but the bottom edge is open to facilitate ventilation, cover and heat insulation at night, according to the interval Open the cover for 1 day in 1 day to strengthen the stimulation of the bacteria bags, force the aerial hyphae on the surface to fall down, and accelerate the color change; when the maximum temperature is 13°C~20°C, if it is arranged in a well shape, it can be The code height is 6 layers, 3 to 4 rows per tower; when the air temperature is 21°C to 25°C, the triangle arrangement method should be adopted, the code height is 4 to 6 layers, and each row is 2 to 4 rows; when the temperature is above 26°C, the ground After irrigating the water, the bag should be arranged obliquely and monolayerly, and a layer of cover should be set up to shade it properly.

2. Humidity control. When the natural temperature is below 20°C, it is basically not necessary to manage, and it can be allowed to grow naturally. However, when the temperature is high, humidity control should be performed to prevent the product from being overheated or having too much water in the bag. Sprinkle water on the ground or spray on the cover. The standard of humidity management is based on the ratio of water loss in the bag after the color change: after the completion of the color conversion, the water loss rate of the general bag is about 20% (which also includes water loss during germination), or After the color of the bag, only 80% of the time is appropriate.

3. Ventilation management. Ventilation can eliminate carbon dioxide, so that the mycelium absorb fresh oxygen, enhance its vitality; second, continuous ventilation can regulate the temperature within the bowl, make it uniform, and prevent the occurrence of burning bacteria; Third, appropriate ventilation can force the bag surface The white mycelium is collectively lodging and develops in the direction of color conversion. Fourth, ventilation can regulate the moisture and humidity in the bowl. Especially when the temperature is continuously above 20°C, ventilation is more necessary. The general ventilation measures are: to maintain the ventilation volume in the chamber by adjusting the covering; when the color is changed into one week or so, one or two times of dumping and bag replacement are carried out. At this time, it is better to adopt a large ventilation measure. Strong light stimulation, the effect is very good.

4. Lighting management. For the color conversion process, the effect of light is equally important, and there is no corresponding light entry, and the color change of the bag cannot be performed normally. The management of light is very simple: uncovering the cover and pouring it, changing the bag, the bag will be exposed directly to the wind and the sun during windy weather, even if the daily observation also enters the light, so the management Relatively simple.

5. Verification of the color change. The bag that has completed normal color change has a tan color and strong elasticity. However, the particles of the raw material are still clear, only the color changes. The hand beats the sound of a hollow wood, the matrix is ​​basically separated from the plastic bag, and the plastic is cut. The surface of the membrane and stump was rough, hard and dry, and its hardness increased significantly. However, if the bags of brown and white are white or white, and the plastic bag is still in close contact with the base material, if it is unsuccessful or the color conversion is unsuccessful, it should be further processed according to the situation. Otherwise, try not to Into the mushrooming stage.

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