Bio-fertilizer increases soil fertility

The growth and development of crops are affected by various links such as light, temperature, oxygen supply, and nutrient supply. The soil nutrient supply to crops is affected by two aspects. Soil fertility refers to the ability of the soil to absorb and retain nutrients, while soil fertility refers to the ability of the soil to release and supply crop nutrients. Soil organic matter is an important material basis for soil fertility and fertility maintenance, and it is also an essential factor for forming soil aggregate structure, preventing soil compaction and affecting soil colloids. Beneficial microorganisms are living organisms in the soil and are indispensable to transform soil fertility. Soil microorganisms are directly involved in soil material and energy transformation, formation and decomposition of humus, nutrient release, nitrogen fixation and other fertility formation processes. In particular, microorganisms produce a large amount of extracellular polysaccharides in the process of growth and reproduction, and act as a glue to the soil aggregate structure, maintaining the stability of the soil aggregate structure.
The bio-fertilizer of Kumob not only contains rich organic matter, but also contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms. The addition of bio-organic fertilizer can not only increase the accumulation of soil organic matter, but also increase the total amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, and increase soil fertility and fertilizer supply capacity. To promote healthy growth and development of crops. Details can visit the website or consult.

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