Cold drink summer woman weight loss taboo

Summer seems to be susceptible to appetite due to high heat. However, how does it seem that appetite is not good and weight has not decreased? There may even be an increasing trend? Hey! This is not hell, probably because of drinking cold drinks.

High temperatures continued unabated, full of colorful iced beverages, became the favorite of everyone's summer heat. However, these types of beverages and ice products often contain extremely high sugar and calories, which, when unconsciously, accumulate a lot of fat. Some friends did not eat anything to lose weight, but they drank a pile of cold drinks. As a result, they were hungry and their weights increased.

Few people know that drinking cold drinks is also a recipe for weight loss. Cold beverages contain a lot of calories that are easily absorbed by the body and accumulate in the abdomen or buttocks. For example, there is about 50 calories per 100 cc of sugar-sweetened beverages, and drinking 500 cc of sugar-sweetened beverages is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice. A cup of 700cc pearl milk tea equals half a bowl of half rice. Even if the juice calories are not low, the five juices that are squeezed out of the orange are equal to the calories of a bowl of rice.

In addition to calories, cold beverages also reduce the body's metabolic rate, which is the most important reason that cold drinks make people fat. The human body needs to work in a warm environment at 37 degrees Celsius, and when the cold beverage and human body temperature differ by more than 30 degrees Celsius and drink cold drinks, the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract will decrease, and the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation will become slow. Affect the abdominal circulation metabolism, inhibit the consumption of abdominal fat, fat and water are easy to accumulate in the body, resulting in easy fat physique. Therefore, it is recommended that although the hot cold drink comes through, it should be tempered in order to maintain a healthy and good body.

In addition, in order to increase the metabolic rate, in addition to cold drinks and drinking less, more edible mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, golden needles, parsley, and broccoli can be ingested more, which is of great help to increase the body's metabolism. From the right side of the navel about 3 fingers at the abdomen about 15 minutes, also help the flattening of the lower abdomen.

Are you not satisfied with your weight? Who still has the fat from the stage? If it is too late for the spring, it is believed that it will be easier to achieve the goal of reducing body weight by taking advantage of the summer favorable conditions.

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