Common crop diseases

1. Spots: This phytotoxicity is mainly manifested in the leaves, with yellow spots, brown spots, and dead spots. If butachlor is used to cause brown spots in the early stage of rice field application, a high concentration of mancozeb may cause spots on the edges of rice leaves.

2. Yellowing: The cause of yellowing is that pesticides hinder the synthesis of chlorophyll, block the photosynthesis of chlorophyll, or destroy chlorophyll. As soon as the extermination of D in the watermelon caused by the application of new shoots yellow; for tribenuron in wheat fields floating to other crops appear yellow and so on.

3, malformation: the plant's various organs may occur this phytotoxicity. Common deformities include leaf curling, tufting, root swelling, malformed ear, and malformed fruit. Such as tomato spraying high concentrations of naphthalene acetic acid will appear curled; 2,4-D improper application of hollow fruit, malformed fruit; low purity of triacontanol tends to curl the tomato leaves.

4, wither: This kind of injury is generally the performance of the whole plant, mainly herbicide harm. For example, watermelon seedlings were damaged by chlorothalonil, yellow leaves appeared on the leaves, coked leaves on the leaf margins, and atrophy of the plants. Pulse poisoning, wilting, dead seedlings and other phytotoxicity were caused by high concentrations of pesticides in the beans.

5. Growth stagnation: Improper application of growth inhibitors and herbicides. If the amount of chlormequat is too large, the growth of the crop will be stagnant.

6. Infertility: The cause of this type of injury is improper use during flowering. For example, when rice is used for heading, application of rice feet will cause empty grains.

7, shedding: in fruit trees and other dicotyledons often occur, there are falling flowers, fallen leaves, fruit drop and so on. For example, the application of isocarbophosate in peach trees and omethoate in flowering period will cause defoliation; the use of ethephon in mountain fruit trees will cause fruit drop and defoliation.

8. Inferior fruit: The appearance of phytotoxicity in fruit sometimes manifests as abnormal fruit surface and deteriorated quality. If the watermelon suffers from ethephon, the melons are dark red and have a bad smell.

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