Cotton flowering management points

Cotton enters the flowering or flowering period. This period is one of the most important periods of cotton production. It is the most vigorous and most fragile period of life in cotton. It is the most vulnerable to the damage of cotton bollworm and other pests. Dyeing caused falling bells. During this period, the growth of cotton was greatly affected by the environmental climate. It was sensitive to the demand for water and fertilizers. It was the period with the most demand for fertilizer and water. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this period of production.
The most prone problem is due to poor field permeability after the enclosure, light is affected, and oxygen in the root system is insufficient to affect the growth and development of the root.
Cotton bollworm, red spider and other pests are seriously damaged. Due to the quality of the cotton boll shells during this period, the cotton bolls are young and juicy and therefore vulnerable to insect infestation.
It is easy to cause falling bells. If there is too much rain, the peach will be unfavorable, and it will be prone to disease, resulting in rotten bells and black bells. If the weather is arid, it will affect fertilization and it will easily produce a large amount of bells.
The key points of field management are to fight droughts and drain water, and do a good job in the evacuation system to prevent drought or flooding from affecting cotton growth.
Rational fertilization, to meet the needs of water and fertilizer, so that plants grow robust and prevent insanity.
Prevent pests and diseases, focus on prevention of bollworms, spider mites and other pests and pathogens caused by various pathogens and physiological diseases, to avoid a large number of diseases and insect pests caused by falling bell.
Prune and pruning, avoid nutrient waste, moderately control closures, and increase ventilation and ventilation.
Spraying foliar fertilizers, such as cotton special spraying booths, can increase photosynthesis capacity, enhance root vigor, increase budding, flowering, and ringing speeds, shorten the bud and boll period, reduce the shedding of bolls, and increase bud growth. Bell to prevent drought and late ripening and increase cotton yield and quality.

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