Cowpea quick-frozen processing technology

The quick-frozen kidney beans produced in China are mainly exported to Japan and have a very low market share in the domestic market. However, with the continuous changes in people's consumption concepts and values, quick-frozen kidney beans also have great market potential in China. The process flow of quick-frozen cowpea processing is: pretreatment (to remove impurities, picking, cleaning, etc.) → blanching → cooling → quick freezing → packaging → frozen storage. In the freezing machinery, fluidized bed freezers are widely used. The main production equipment includes feed conveyors, fruit and vegetable floaters, blanchers, water coolers, inspection belts, drains, uniform feed elevators, and freezers. Packaging machines. As the key equipment for quick freezing processing, the freezer generally uses air forced circulation, such as a tunnel type continuous freezer, a spiral continuous quick freezer, and a fluidized bed freezer. The fluidized bed quick-freezer is currently the mainstream equipment under the IQF process conditions. After draining the beans, they need to be quickly frozen in order to quickly pass through the ice crystal formation phase (-0.5°C to -35°C) in order to ensure the quality of quick-frozen kidney beans. The packaging conditions are very important for the storage of quick-frozen cowpeas. A good package prevents the cowpea's moisture from evaporating and forms a dry state, prevents the product from oxidizing and discoloring due to contact with air during storage, and is easy to transport and sell. Packaging specifications can be determined according to the object of supply, retail capacity of 0.5kg / bag or 1kg / bag, hotels, hotels can use 5kg / bag ~ 10kg / bag. If it can not be exported in time after packaging, it must be stored in a cold storage at -18°C, and the cold storage period can be more than 8 months.

Water Chloride Test Strips

Chloride is a common inorganic anion in water and wastewater. Chloride ions are found in almost all natural water,and their levels vary widely. In rivers, lakes. In marshes, chloride levels are generally low,but in seawater,salt lakes,and some groundwater levels can be as high as tens of grams per liter. In the human survival activities,chloride has very important physiological functions and industrial uses.Because of this,a considerable amount of chloride ions are contained in domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

If the content of chloride ion in the book reaches 250mg without litres,the corresponding cation is sodium,will feel salty; High levels of chloride in water can damage metal pipes and buildings and hinder plant growth.

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