Current longan management measures

At present, the central task of longan management is to adjust and manage the results of the mother branch, and to further control the promotion of flowers.

First, master the time of late autumn shoots and winter shoots

1. The flower bud differentiation period of white sugar poppy is about mid-November in November, but the red leaf stage is not seen on November 10; 2. The flower bud differentiation period of Zixiaoxiao is about mid-November, but the red leaf stage is not seen on November 10; 3. The flower bud differentiation period of alfalfa is November 25 Around the day, the red leaf stage was not seen on November 20; 4. The black leaf bud differentiation period was around November 30, but the red leaf stage was not seen on November 25; 5. The flower bud differentiation period was about December 10, but the red leaves were not seen. The beginning of December; 6. Longan flower bud differentiation period January 20 or so, do not see the end of the red leaf period at the end of December.

The last hair stage: Qizixiao and Baiyue Ying in the middle and late September; ash and black leaves in late September and early October; Mie, Guiwei and Huaizhi in early October to late October; longan in October From late to early November.

Second, the results of the mother of the regulation

1. The most effective way to control the winter shoots is to adjust the date of the last shoot.

2, through the soil application of fertilizer, top dressing, light sparse shearing and wiping shoots to promote the growth and enrichment of the mother results. Take appropriate control of water and fertilizer, do not carry out extra-root fertilizer, do not carry out sparse shearing, only do shoot buds treatment to delay the enrichment time of the results of the mother branch.

3. For autumn shoots that have turned green and full for a long time before flower bud differentiation, the occurrence of winter shoots must be strictly controlled when the temperature is high and the soil and air humidity are large. Can take: 1 spray flower control shoots on the 1st or self-made commercially available ethephon (40%) 40 ml Gabi than (B9) 1 two water 100 Jin. Usually only once. Paclobutrazol can still be sprayed. With the content of 15% paclobutrazol 3.3 plus 100 kg of water in the autumn shoot after the old mature spray. 2 timely use of ring cutting or spiral ring stripping. 3 According to different tree species and species, the winter shoots will be manually removed. 4 Control the water supply. Before the longan flower buds differentiate, keep the soil properly dry. Usually do not apply water and remove the cover. For the prosperous tree can be combined with the winter clearing garden, fertilization, in the canopy drip line to open 30-40 cm deep ring groove to properly cut off roots, after a period of time before fertilization, soil cover. 5 support a tip two drugs of the conventional management system.

Third, the longan winter clear garden

1. Light pruning: Lightly pruning must be done for dense trees, with different degrees of sparse cutting. Remove diseased, weak, dense, and pests, and cultivate stout mothers.

2. Clear Garden: Spray a Bordeaux mixture (calcare: copper sulphate: water = 1:1:100) and spray the insecticide with high efficiency in the cold. In combination with the clear garden, clean up the fallen leaves, dead branches and weeds, and mix them with appropriate amounts of superphosphate and lime to fill in the fertilization ditch.

3, winter cold.

IV. Apply fertilizer before flowering

1, in the longan see the white point (red dot) before and after the need to ensure the supply of soil moisture, pay attention to appropriate water.

2. See the 100 pounds of trees on the flower buds can apply 2 pounds of compound fertilizer.

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