Deep-season production management advice for greenhouse vegetables

At present, the solar greenhouse vegetable production is in the low temperature period of winter, which is the most unfavorable period in the greenhouse production. It is prone to unfavorable climatic conditions in cloudy days, snow days and foggy days, especially in continuous cloudy days. Cause vegetables to cause dead seedlings, dead borer, yellow seedlings, weak seedlings, and pests and diseases. In daily management work, attention should be paid to the following:

First, to strengthen the thermal performance of greenhouses In some solar greenhouses due to lighting angle, roof thickness, grasshopper does not meet the technical requirements, greenhouse insulation is poor, can not meet the temperature requirements of vegetables in deep winter conditions, the following measures should be taken to improve insulation performance: 1, increase the thickness of the roof. The greenhouse with a roof thickness of less than 30 cm can be covered with 20 cm thick fine firewood on the roof, sealed with waste plastic film, and covered with haystacks so as not to increase the weight. Grasshoppers less than 3 cm thick should be covered with double grass cover; 3, plus apron. It is to put a row of grasshoppers in the east-west direction of the greenhouse; 4. Put the old plastic film on the grasshopper; 5. Dig the cold-proof ditch in front of the greenhouse, and fill the firewood in the ditch. After adopting the above measures, the minimum temperature in the greenhouse should be around 8°C in cloudy snow conditions, and it should be around 12°C in sunny days.

Second, to strengthen the solar greenhouse lighting capabilities, make full use of solar energy In order to raise the temperature of the greenhouse, we must take all possible measures to make full use of solar energy: 1, to timely cover the haystack, when the sun comes out in a sunny day, half an hour later Grasshoppers, and the temperature can not be drastically reduced after the exposing, indicating that it is timely. When the air is released at 28-30°C in a timely manner, close the air outlet at about 25°C, and cover it at about 20°C. In cloudy and foggy weather, it is also necessary to insist on exposing it so as to make full use of scattered light in cloudy conditions. There should be a time of about two hours or more before and after noon every day. Prevent the emphasis on simple heat preservation, and do not expose the grasshoppers all day or several days. Also pay attention to the release of wind, should maintain about 20 minutes a day on cloudy days, prevent harmful gases from accumulating in the greenhouse to cause damage to vegetables; 2, wipe the film. To wipe the greenhouse film regularly, especially cloudy conditions should be the case, to enhance the transparency of the film; 3, tighten the film. The greenhouse film is not buckled tightly, and the wrinkles formed on the surface will affect the lighting.

Third, the continuous cloudy days of sunny clear management over 7 days when the sky suddenly turned cloudy, the exposing time is more advanced than usual, so that vegetables receive the sun at a lower temperature, with the temperature gradually increased after the sunny days, When the vegetables are showing signs of wilting, they must promptly reconsider. In order to prevent snoring, it is also possible to spray 15-20°C water on the leaves. The length of the retracement is not subject to snoring, and it cannot be separated from people before and after 3-5 days. Observe and pay attention to the performance of the plants to prevent flash seedlings. After a few days of exposing and recitation, you can resume normal management. In addition, during the long cloudy days, due to the low nutrient capacity of the plants, it is possible to supplement the nutrients according to the growing trend and spray 200-300 times of sugar water.

Fourth, control of solar greenhouse humidity According to the greenhouse temperature, humidity, plant growth, soil moisture should be carefully watered, to meet the needs of plant growth can not be too watering, over-attendance, to prevent roots. Persist in the pouring of membranes, pouring water, and watering according to the weather forecast on a sunny day.

V. Prevention and control of pests and diseases To reduce the greenhouse humidity, the main prevention and control of the disease is the smoke agent. 200-300 grams of chlorothalonil per gram of greenhouse, 7-10 days once, a total of 2-3 times, or quick-cloak aerosol, per acre Use 250-300 grams. Pest control can be dichlorvos aerosols, imidacloprid, Poria, Aketai and other pollution-free pesticides. Physical measures can also be taken. For example, a combination of silver-gray plastic ropes is used to repel pests. In the greenhouse, 15-20 pieces of yellow traps can be hung in the greenhouse, which can trap and kill maggots and whitefly.

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