Disease control of earthworms - red floor disease

Cause: Caused by Aeromonas punctiform infection.

Symptoms: Sickness is unresponsive to the outside world. The most obvious condition of the disease is the swelling or erythema of the entire floor, accompanied by ulceration and edema. Some bleed nose and mouth bleeding, anatomical lesions can be seen in the liver; some were black; some were lentigo, local or entire intestine congestion and inflammation; some abdominal cavity water.


1) Control stocking density;

2) Improve the sediment quality at the bottom of the pool and clear the pond completely at the end of production;

3) Injection of "water fish bacterial disease vaccine" to prevent;

4) Use in ponds: "Fish bacteria clear disinfectant" or "Fish kill" or "Delicate poison" Quanchiposa, and feed "Yanke 103", "Qianke 99" or "Wonderful" Kang ", use 3 to 5 days;

5) Soak the sickle with a concentration of 2ppm.


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