Disease control of earthworms - Sphaerothecium

Cause: Hydromycosis, mucormycosis and other aquatic fungal infections.

Illness: The body surface (carapace, limbs, neck, etc.) has gray-white flocculent mycelia (abdominal and four limbs facing the bottom of the water); soft, flocculent in the water, thick and dense, and even affect the action.


1) To prevent carcass injury, use the "Medicinum Bo extinguishment" after immersing in the pond or pond and soak it in 2ppm for 15 to 20 minutes before disinfecting the pond;

2) To prevent water pollution, adding a little vitamin E to the feed can increase the anti-fungal capacity of the carcass;

3) The onset pool is to be disinfected with "Fish for killing with fish" or "Fish disinfectant series disinfectant", and it should be fed together with "Yibu Kang" or not "Strengthened 103 grams" for 3 to 6 days;

4) 0.04% saline solution plus 0.04% baking soda solution is sprayed all over or soaked in 50 to 100 ppm formalin; or 4 ppm malachite green for 8 hours.

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