The performance of the absorption-conducting soil treatment is dominated by selective urea herbicides. Low toxicity. Herbicides are used as low-dose herbicides at high doses.

Applications for cotton, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, rice, tea plantations, orchards, vineyards and non-cultivated land. It can control weeds and broad-leaved weeds of annual grasses such as crabgrass, setaria, barnyardgrass, marmota, wild leeks, earthworms, alfalfa, sedges, etc., as well as weeds in the fields of paddy fields. When rice is tilled, use 375-480 grams of active ingredient per hectare (same below). After 2 to 5 days of sowing, the cotton uses 600-750 grams per hectare; after emergence, no spraying is allowed, and poisonous soil method can be applied between the cotton rows. For use in drylands such as corn and sorghum, it is necessary to deepen the selection of the planting concentration and increase the spread, using 600 to 750 grams per hectare. Tea gardens, orchards, vineyards, and hectares are treated with 750-900 grams of soil. Weeding weeds use 1200 to 12,000 grams per hectare. The more perennial weeds, the greater the usage. Cotton fields should not be used in order to avoid phytotoxicity on wheat. On sandy soil, the dosage should be reduced, and the dosage on clay should be increased.

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