Excess nutrition in vegetables can not be ignored

Vegetable nutrient excess is a prominent problem in the current vegetable production: In order to pursue yield, many vegetable farmers blindly increase the input of fertilizer, which not only causes waste, but also causes vegetable nutrient excess.

What is vegetable excess nutrition, although there is no more standard noun explanation. However, it is not difficult to understand that due to excessive nutrients in the soil, the vegetables have a series of symptoms of poor growth. In production, the phenomenon of excess nutrients in vegetables abounds. The most common is the excessive growth of vegetables caused by excessive nitrogen. In fact, the prolonged growth of vegetables is only a minor symptom and can be controlled by taking timely measures. However, if a large amount of nitrogen exceeds the standard, it will not only burn vegetable roots, inhibit the absorption of other nutrient elements, cause vegetables to wilt and die, but also increase the nitrate content in vegetables and reduce the quality of vegetables.

Excessive potassium is now also common. Excessive potassium, the harm to vegetables is also very large, such as cucumber in the case of excessive absorption of potassium, there will be leaf edge curl, yellow edge phenomenon, the yield was significantly affected. What's more, excessive potassium can lead to poor absorption of calcium and magnesium. Without the knowledge of the farmers, the vegetable growers also added calcium and magnesium elements. This formed a vicious circle. The problem was not solved but it took a lot of money.

In contrast, the situation of excess phosphorus is not yet a lot, but it also needs attention. For the application of phosphate fertilizer, it must be scientific and reasonable, because the phosphorus element is easily fixed by the soil, and it is best to concentrate on the root system of vegetable when applying, so as to avoid waste.

In summary, the application of any fertilizer must have a degree. Vegetables absorb nutrients, just like people: food can not be eaten, otherwise it will cause the body to have a variety of problems.

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